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Aujourd’hui — 27 novembre 2022En Anglais

Saudi Arabian plane damaged by hail on approach to Jeddah airport

A Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A330 sustained damage to its nose cone and cockpit windshield after being hit by a hail strike on approach to Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia. The Airbus A330-300 with registration HZ-AQ25 was approaching Jeddah as flight SV-452 from Khartoum in Sudan. Following heavy rainfall and violent hailstorms over Jeddah, Flight SV452 entered a hold at a high altitude prior to landing to wait for the weather to improve.

BEST OF THE WEB: Deadly landslide triggered by heavy rainfall tears through Italian island of Ischia - 6 inches of rain in just 6 hours

A number of people are feared to have been killed after a mudslide triggered by heavy rains swept away homes on the island of Ischia, near Naples. The torrent of mud and debris dislodged trees, engulfed buildings and dragged cars into the sea as it reached the coast early on Saturday. The body of a woman was reported to have been found under the mud, and several other people are still missing. Dozens of homes are cut off, with bad weather hampering rescuers.
Hier — 26 novembre 2022En Anglais

'Outsider' backed coup is reason for conflict in Ukraine, Putin tells mothers of Russian troops

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine would never have happened if there hadn't been a coup in Kiev in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted on Friday. He was referring to the violent overthrow of the elected president Victor Yanukovich. Speaking to mothers of Russian soldiers, Putin stressed that the Maidan resulted in direct foreign control over Ukrainian institutions, which Russia has no choice but to oppose. At the turn of the century, Russians were told everything would be great if they accepted outside control, and started "playing on someone else's field," Putin said. It was those outsiders seeking to control Russia that have created the current situation, "including in the zone of the special military operation," he added.

Videos of Ukrainian soldiers executing Russian POWs appear authentic, Kiev needs to investigate war crime - UN

Videos showing Russian soldiers apparently executed by Ukrainian forces appear genuine, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk stated on Friday. He called on Kiev to fully investigate what Moscow has described as an outright execution. The footage, consisting of two clips stitched into one video, surfaced on social media last week. It shows a dozen unarmed Russian servicemen surrendering to Ukrainian troops and lying down on the ground, a separate man apparently opening fire on the Ukrainians, and the first dozen soldiers lying dead in pools of blood.

A light in the darkness

The really stunning thing about Elon Musk's campaign to clean up the back-stage rats' nest at Twitter is that he's the lone authority figure in the land who dared to act against the degenerate political Left's impudent and remorseless cancellation of everything that held together America's consensual reality. Think of it: all the college presidents and deans, all the corporate CEOs, all the judges, all the governors, mayors, and agency heads, all the news editors and network producers who did nothing and said nothing about the wholesale demolition of truths, values, and principles carried out by Woke-Jacobin maniacs under their watch. And what's more appalling: they all pretended not to notice each other's craven inaction and silence. And now, Mr. Musk strikes a blow almost every day, and with amazing insouciance, as if his effort to re-ignite free speech is the most self-evidently natural thing anyone in-charge might seek to do. And let's face it: whatever Twitter started out as,...

Russia's former southern capital renounces its past: How Ukraine is destroying its heritage

Ukraine is turning into a significantly more homogeneous and far less culturally diverse country In recent years, Ukraine has become the battleground for a 'war of monuments' waged among various political forces. In 2014, the process reached a peak during the mass demolition of statues of Vladimir Lenin and other Soviet politicians. These events fundamentally changed the symbolism and policy of the country's historical memory, paving the way to a reality in which any public speech must now be accompanied by the words 'Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!' This was the slogan of Stepan Bandera's World War Two nationalist movement, which collaborated with Adolf Hitler's Nazis and took part in the Holocaust. Although Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's team initially tried to 'reset' the historical memory policy, radical nationalism got the upper hand in this symbolic battle. Following the start of Russia's military operation, this year, the so-called 'decommunization' policy...

FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga

The Ukrainian government mysteriously disappeared online records of its fundraising arrangement with the FTX crypto scam just days before the scandal erupted. The initiative claims to have raised $60 million for Ukraine, but where did the money go? The demise of FTX, the fifth-biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume in 2022, and the second-largest by holdings, has sent a wave of chaos through global financial markets. As the turbulence grows, the government of Ukraine is conducting an ongoing cleanup and whitewashing operation to rid any and all references to a high-level cryptocurrency fundraising arrangement it struck with FTX from the web. Eerily, it seems to have commenced just days before the scandal erupted. Online records unearthed by The Grayzone claim tens of millions were raised by FTX for the Ukrainian government, and put to a variety of belligerent uses. But with the company now exposed as a Potemkin village lacking underlying assets, and major question marks...

Putin expresses regret over Donbass

The Donbass republics should probably have rejoined Russia sooner, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the mothers of troops involved in the military operation in Ukraine on Friday. In such a case, fewer lives might have been lost, the president stressed. "There might not have been so many casualties among civilians, there would not be so many children killed." He maintained, however, that back in 2014, Russia did not have a full understanding of the situation in Donbass nor of the true sentiments of the locals. "[We] believed that we might still be able to reach an agreement and ... reunify Donetsk and Lugansk with Ukraine within ... the Minsk Agreements. Russia was genuinely working towards that." Commenting on the matter further, the president blamed the 2014 coup in Kiev for the subsequent crisis in Donbass and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. "If not for the coup d'état in Ukraine in 2014, none [of this] would have happened."

The Colorado gay club shooting is being used to shut down debate on child sexualization

Almost as repugnant as the deadly attacks that are occurring with alarming frequency in the United States is the speed with which certain individuals rush to politicize them. The Club Q massacre in Colorado Springs, which left five dead and 18 injured, was certainly no exception. The Democrats' reaction kicked off with predictable calls for gun control. In this particular tragedy, however, the killer, 22-year-old Andersen Lee Aldrich, should never have been allowed to buy a gun in the first place. Moreover, he should have been high on the FBI's 'person of interest' radar. A year-and-a-half before Aldrich went on his deadly shooting spree, this troubled young man (who, according to court documents, has now started to identify as non-binary and use the pronouns them/they) threatened his family with a homemade bomb, forcing neighbors to evacuate while police talked him into surrendering. Yet, despite this, the district attorney of Colorado, Michael J. Allen, not only refused to press...

Meta employees were reportedly fired for selling account information to hackers

Meta reportedly fired more than a dozen security guards and other workers in the last year after internal investigations revealed they had been selling users' information and login details to hackers. Some of those who received disciplinary actions were contractors who acquired information from users that were locked out or had trouble with their accounts. The company utilizes a mechanism called "Oops" (Online Operations) to help users access or reset their accounts for Instagram or Facebook. The Wall Street Journal first reported that an internal probe found that some security guards were illegally accessing the accounts and providing the information to hackers for alleged bribes. Oops is generally used as a last resort if users can't reach someone from Meta by email or phone and are supposed to be used for employees, their family, and friends. But as the number of employees rose, so did the number of requests that were filed. According to the WSJ, in 2017, Oops responded to about...

"Disturbed and alarmed": 66 doctors, clinicians and scientists call for stop to Covid vaccination of pregnant women over serious safety concerns

There follows an open letter from 66 doctors, scientists and clinical practitioners to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) regarding safety concerns about COVID-19 vaccinations in pregnancy. Where is the evidence, they ask. Obstetricians and gynaecologists in the U.K. have put their faith in and adjusted their practice according to guidance from their Royal College (RCOG). However, recent advice from the RCOG has been in complete contradiction to everything that it itself and academic institutions have been teaching about evidence-based medicine. This advice is that: COVID-19 vaccines are not only safe but strongly recommended for pregnant women. Such advice is not grounded in robust data based on ethically conducted research - and anyone who is medically and academically trained should take serious issue with this.

3.5 billion-year-old rock structures are one of the oldest signs of life on Earth

Fossils called stromatolites from Western Australia were created by microbes 3.48 billion years ago. Layered rocks in Western Australia are some of Earth's earliest known life, according to a new study. The fossils in question are stromatolites, layered rocks that are formed by the excretions of photosynthetic microbes. The oldest stromatolites that scientists agree were made by living organisms date back 3.43 billion years, but there are older specimens, too. In the Dresser Formation of Western Australia, stromatolites dating back 3.48 billion years have been found. However, billions of years have wiped away traces of organic matter in these older stromatolites, raising questions about whether they were really formed by microbes or whether they might have been made by other geological processes. "We were able to find certain specific microstructures within particular layers of these rocks that are strongly indicative of biological processes," said Keyron Hickman-Lewis, a...

SOTT FOCUS: MindMatters: Gurdjieff, Death, and Help for the Dead with Joseph Azize

According to the vast "afterlife" literature, those who have passed on sometimes send signs, or even communicate through dreams or visions. But what if the support that many living claim to experience from their loved ones isn't unidirectional? Can one, in fact, help those who have passed to come to greater peace and understanding at their soul's new station in 'life'? For those of us familiar with the ideas, exercises and philosophy of G.I. Gurdjieff, it may come as some surprise, and perhaps delight, to learn that Gurdjieff sought to address such a question - how to give "help for the deceased" - particularly for those who were once close to us. This week on MindMatters we are once again joined by inimitable Gurdjieffian scholar and Maronite Priest Joseph Azize whose paper "Gurdjieff's Help for the Deceased" delves into this subject. Join us as Joseph shares his research, insights and personal experience with some very little known exercises of Gurdjieff's - and explains not only...

Study investigates a rare type Icn supernova

An international team of astronomers has conducted optical and near-infrared observations of a rare Type Icn supernova known as SN 2022ann. The results of the study, published November 9 on the preprint server arXiv, shed more light on the nature of this supernova and its unique properties. Supernovae (SNe) are powerful and luminous stellar explosions. They are important for the scientific community as they offer essential clues into the evolution of stars and galaxies. In general, SNe are divided into two groups based on their atomic spectra: Type I and Type II. Type I SNe lack hydrogen in their spectra, while those of Type II showcase spectral lines of hydrogen. Type Icn SNe are an extreme subtype of interacting stripped-envelope supernovae (SESN). They have strong, narrow oxygen and carbon lines but weak or absent hydrogen and helium lines, presenting additional complications to the stripping mechanism. They have narrow emission features indicative of circumstellar interaction....

Swiss football captain rejects World Cup virtue signaling, says team is not in Qatar to 'hand out lessons to anyone'

Swiss football captain Granit Xhaka has rejected the deluge of virtue signaling taking place at the World Cup, asserting his team isn't in Qatar to "hand out lessons to anyone." Since it began, the tournament has been beset by controversy over teams attempting to express their support for the LGBT movement in a country that still imprisons homosexuals. FIFA has banned players from wearing 'OneLove' armbands, something the German team protested this week by placing their hands over their mouths during a pre-game photo.

Poll: Only 28% of Americans are worried about COVID anymore

78% believe the pandemic to be "over." A Gallup poll has found that fewer than a third of Americans remain worried about COVID. "Twenty-eight percent of Americans say they are 'very' or 'somewhat worried' they will get COVID — the lowest percentage Gallup has recorded since the summer of 2021," the pollster notes.

Sam Harris rage quits Twitter days after claiming Hunter Biden laptop story was right 'by accident'

Musk announces that all internal Twitter communications about censoring the laptop story from 2020 will be made public. Lefty 'philosopher' Sam Harris has deleted his Twitter account, just days after he claimed that the New York Post report on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop was correct "by accident," a comment that renewed scrutiny of Harris' previous comments that he supported censorship of the story. Harris complained on the Bill Maher podcast that he was being harassed by 'right wing lunatics' on Twitter in regards to his previous comments that he would still have supported censoring the story even if Hunter Biden had "the corpses of dead children in his basement," as a way of preventing a second Trump term.

Antifa crybabies stage plans to burn down Tesla outlets following Twitter bans

'As revenge for [Elon Musk] suspending violent extremist accounts on Twitter, [Antifa] in Portland are organizing arson attacks on [Tesla] locations tonight,' reported Ngo, who provided screenshots of the calls to action. Following his takeover of Twitter, "Chief Twit" Elon Musk has quickly begun to address many of the platform's problems. Musk, who intends for Twitter to be a platform for legal free speech, has moved to crack down on terrorists and violent far-left extremists who have for many years been a fixture on Twitter and used it to organize riots. Now Tesla, which Musk owns, has become the target of violent retaliation by far-left militants angered by the suspension of their accounts.

In huge Black Friday sale, store to sell everything for price it was before Biden became President

RALEIGH, NC — A local retailer is making waves after announcing its most dramatic Black Friday sale ever, in which every item in the store is marked down to whatever the price was before Biden became President.

Fauci bids farewell with a predictable final plea: Get vaccinated

In last White House briefing, Fauci said he wants to be remembered for never leaving "anything on the field." Anthony Fauci, the president's chief Covid-19 adviser, offered Americans one final warning as he prepares to leave government, ending a tumultuous turn in the national spotlight that earned him enduring affection from some and unrelenting hostility from others. "Please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated Covid-19 shot as soon as you're eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community," Fauci said.

BMJ article calls for governments to ban dissent and "neutralise" COVID misinformation

As a director of the U.K. Medical Freedom Alliance, the U.K.'s most recognised and respected organisation advocating every individual's right to informed consent, bodily autonomy and medical choice, I was shocked and appalled to read the article "Understanding and neutralising COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation", published in the BMJ on November 22nd 2022. The article contains insinuations and unsubstantiated and unreferenced allegations concerning the UKMFA (and other organisations including HART, UsForThem and Children's Health Defense) and which appeared to seek to undermine the contribution of our organisations to a critical debate of national importance. My shock at the tone and text of the article, and its inclusion in a highly respected medical journal like the BMJ, has been echoed by notable scientists and doctors around the world including Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who posted this strongly worded tweet calling out the "authoritarian nonsense" proposed by the authors of...

Stray dogs maul 2-year-old to death in Himachal Pradesh, India

In Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, a horrifying incident involving a dog attack came to light. Several stray dogs killed a two-year-old girl by mauling her to death. On Thursday, the dead girl went missing. The girl's dead body was discovered in the morning in area, close to the hut. As per the media reports, the victim's family is a resident of Bhagat Nagar in Punjab's Hoshiarpur and that the body of the child, who had been missing since Thursday night, was discovered close to a thatched hut. The girl's parents work in municipal council Hamirpur's sanitation department. The girl was reportedly seen playing behind the hut. In the meantime, a herd of dogs arrived and pulled the girl toward the bushes.

AP fired a reporter after a dangerous blunder, internal Slack messages reveal a chaotic process

A 10-minute miscommunication on Slack between journalists at the Associated Press resulted in an erroneous report last week that appeared momentarily to bring tensions between NATO and Russia to their highest point since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Last Tuesday, AP posted a news alert saying that a "senior U.S. intelligence official says Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people," and noting that leaders in Poland were "holding an emergency meeting due to a 'crisis situation.'" The report, which would have represented a Russian missile striking a member of NATO, immediately sparked fear of a dramatic escalation of tensions between the US and Russia.

How Vaccines Drive Covid Variants

Variants have been one of the hallmarks of this pandemic, with ever more infectious forms of the virus apparently mutating themselves into existence at regular intervals. However. it is easy to forget that prior to 2021 variants were a rarity and the only sign of our variant ridden future was the emergence of the scarily named Kent variant (later renamed Alpha) late in 2020. The UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report started mentioning variants in May of 2021, but only in passing. However, as 2021 wore on new variants started appearing more frequently, and in recent reports there are 10 times more references to 'variants' compared to their debut. (To be fair, there used to be an entirely different vaccine report devoted to 'variants of concern', the Technical Briefings.) But 'variants' weren't simply a natural process of viral evolution - not when there were people to blame. By summer 2022 there had been multiple articles published explaining that it was the unvaccinated that created...

China's 'iPhone city' placed under 'Covid' lockdown after violent clashes

Six million people were on Friday under Covid lockdown in a Chinese city home to the world's largest iPhone factory, after clashes between police and workers furious over pay. Authorities have ordered residents of eight districts in Zhengzhou, in the central province of Henan, not to leave the area for the next five days, building barriers around "high-risk" apartment buildings and setting up checkpoints to restrict travel. There have been only a handful of coronavirus cases in the city. The orders follow protests by hundreds of employees over conditions and pay at Foxconn's vast iPhone factory on the outskirts of the city, with fresh images of rallies emerging Friday.

China sets record for daily Covid-19 cases

China on Wednesday registered its highest number of daily coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic almost three years ago, official data has shown. There were 31,444 new cases of the disease in the country on November 23, of which 3,927 were symptomatic and 27,517 asymptomatic, the National Health Bureau announced on Thursday. The figures surpassed the previous 24-hour infection record, set on April 13, which amounted to 29,317 cases. Beijing has been pursuing a strict zero-Covid policy since the first outbreak of the disease in the city of Wuhan in late 2019, with strict lockdowns and widespread testing, meaning the current number of infections is still low compared to many other countries.

Epstein victims sue JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank for profiting from late pedophile's activities

Civil lawsuits filed in a New York court accuse JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank of turning a blind eye to the sexual predation of their former client, Jeffrey Epstein, several media outlets reported on Thursday. Both managed his accounts after his 2008 conviction and allegedly ignored "red flags" in financial transactions. Two unnamed victims of the late disgraced financier, who filed separate lawsuits, are seeking class-action cases against the financial institutions, according to the reports. Both claimants are being represented by David Boies, a lawyer who represented Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre in a case against one of Epstein's associates, Britain's Prince Andrew. The claims against JPMorgan are based to a degree on revelations about Epstein's relationship with its former executive, Jes Staley. The British financial authorities launched a probe their affairs in 2020, with Staley consequently resigning as the CEO of Barclays last year.

Putin meets mothers of Russian troops

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a personal meeting on Friday with the mothers of Russian soldiers. He said that the country's leadership, and he personally, regards their sons as heroes. Putin revealed that he proposed the meeting with the mothers of soldiers because he wanted to hear their opinions, their firsthand experiences and information they have received from the frontlines. "A lot of information comes to me from various sources, but your assessments, your opinions, ideas and suggestions - that's a completely different matter," Putin said, adding that he will try to make sure that everything discussed during the meeting is taken into account and used in real life "to the maximum." "We will do all we can so that you do not feel abandoned and will do everything that depends on us so that you feel a shoulder beside you," the president stated.

48,500-year-old virus revived from Siberian permafrost

As the world warms up, vast tranches of permafrost are melting, releasing material that's been trapped in its icy grip for years. This includes a slew of microbes that have lain dormant for hundreds of millennia in some cases. To study the emerging microbes, scientists have now revived a number of these "zombie viruses" from Siberian permafrost, including one thought to be nearly 50,000 years old - a record age for a frozen virus returning to a state capable of infecting other organisms. Comment: Whilst true, viruses have also been found to be raining down on our planet from space: Viruses from space & evolution: Dr. Wickramasinghe explains it all in new video The team behind the work, led by microbiologist Jean-Marie Alempic from the French National Centre for Scientific Research, says these reanimating viruses are potentially a significant threat to public health, and further study needs to be done to assess the danger that these infectious agents could pose as they awake...

Cryovolcanic eruption on comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann reported

The British Astronomical Association (BAA) is reporting a new outburst of cryovolcanic comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann. On Nov. 22nd, amateur astronomer Patrick Wiggins watched 29P increase in brightness by more than 4 magnitudes--a sign that a major eruption was in progress. On Nov. 23rd, André Debackère used the Faulkes Telescope North in Hawaii to photograph the expanding shell of debris: The Pac-Man shape of the ejecta shows that this is not a uniform global eruption. Instead, it is coming from one or more discrete sources on the comet's surface. This fits a leading model of the comet developed by Dr. Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association. Miles believes that 29P is festooned with ice volcanoes. There is no lava. The "magma" is a cold mixture of liquid hydrocarbons (e.g., CH4, C2H4, C2H6 and C3H8) akin to those found in lakes and streams on Saturn's moon Titan. The cryomagma is suffused with dissolved gases N2 and CO, much like carbonation in a soda bottle. These...
À partir d’avant-hierEn Anglais

The red line: Biden and Xi's secret Ukraine talks revealed

Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, China has played a decisive - though publicly low-profile - role in strategic decision-making in both Washington and Moscow. As I report for the first time in my new book Overreach, it was a back-channel intervention approved by Beijing that caused the US to scupper a deal for the Poles to provide Soviet-made MiG-29 jets to the Ukrainian Air Force back in March. And since September a flurry of personal diplomacy by Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi with NATO and the US has led to a rare moment of public agreement over Russia, when Xi Jinping said that the world 'needs to prevent a nuclear crisis on the Eurasian continent' in a meeting with Joe Biden at the G20 summit in Bali. Throughout the war, China's true position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been hard to pin down - not least because Beijing has been telling both sides what they want to hear. In March, Wang implicitly appeared to be blaming the US for 'stoking tensions'...

Zelensky's Crimea threat proves Ukraine isn't seeking peace - Kremlin

Recent comments by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on "returning" the Russian region of Crimea show that Kiev has no desire to seek a peaceful settlement to the ongoing conflict, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Peskov claimed that Western media outlets have sugarcoated Zelensky's words. On Thursday, speaking to the Financial Times, Zelensky claimed: "If someone is ready to offer us a way regarding the de-occupation of Crimea by non-military means, I will only be in favor. If any potential peace deal with Russia does not involve 'de-occupation' of the peninsula, it would not even be worth talking about." Peskov described Zelensky's statement as "nothing more than a discussion on the dispossession territory of the Russian Federation. There is no other way to interpret it, this is out of the question. The Ukrainian side is unprepared, unwilling and unable to be ready to resolve the problem by non-military means."

Elon Musk promises 'all internal discussions' over censorship of NY Post's Hunter Biden story will be made transparent

A poll released in March indicated that 16 percent of voters who were unaware of the laptop scandal would have not voted for Biden had they known about it at the time. On Wednesday, Elon Musk promised that he would make public the behind-the-scenes conversations at Twitter in 2020 regarding the social media giant's decision to censor the New York Post's bombshell report on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop, material that has been verified by establishment media in recent weeks.

Putin issues AI appeal

Russia needs to significantly expand its use of artificial intelligence over the coming decade, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. While the country is already "a step ahead of some" when it comes to AI, more needs to be done in this field, Putin told attendees at the Artificial Intelligence Journey (AIJ) conference in Moscow. The task for the coming ten years is "to ensure the mass introduction of artificial intelligence. It should cover all sectors of the economy and the social sphere, as well as the government system," the president said. According to Putin, the country needs to achieve "genuine technological, digital, and to a large extent cultural, educational, value-based sovereignty."

Meta claims US military link to pro-US online propaganda on Facebook

Facebook parent company Meta claims individuals associated with the US military were behind accounts spreading pro-US propaganda abroad. Meta had taken down these accounts in August, saying they exhibited "coordinated inauthentic behaviour" after the profiles were flagged by independent researchers. These profiles had been posting content promoting the US and opposing countries like Russia, China and Iran, according to a report published in August by the analytics firm Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO). The network's activity was found across Meta's platforms, including 39 Facebook accounts, 16 Pages, two Groups and 26 Instagram accounts. About 22,000 accounts followed one or more of these pages and about 400 accounts on Facebook joined at least one of these Groups. Around 12,000 accounts followed one or more of the 26 flagged Instagram accounts, Meta noted. In the latest report, the social media giant noted that the network behind these accounts originated in...

SFPD authorized to kill suspects using robots in draft policy

A policy proposal heading for Board of Supervisors approval next week would explicitly authorize San Francisco police to kill suspects using robots. The new policy, which defines how the SFPD is allowed to use its military-style weapons, was put together by the police department. Over the past several weeks, it has been scrutinized by supervisors Aaron Peskin, Rafael Mandelman and Connie Chan, who together comprise the Board of Supervisors Rules Committee. The draft policy faces criticism from advocates for its language on robot force, as well as for excluding hundreds of assault rifles from its inventory of military-style weapons and for not including personnel costs in the price of its weapons. Peskin, chair of the committee, initially attempted to limit the SFPD's authority over the department's robots by inserting the sentence, "Robots shall not be used as a Use of Force against any person." The following week, the police struck out his suggestion with a thick red line.

Church accuses Ukraine of trying to 'intimidate' Orthodox faithful

The Moscow Patriarchate has condemned a raid on the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the largest Orthodox Christian monastery in Ukraine, carried out on Tuesday by the country's domestic security agency, the SBU. The raid represents yet another attempt to "intimidate" the Orthodox faithful, the Church's spokesman, Vladimir Legoyda, has said in a Telegram post, urging all "caring people" to do everything possible to stop the "persecution": "Like many other cases of persecution of believers in Ukraine since 2014, this act of intimidation will almost certainly go unnoticed by those who call themselves the international human rights community." The SBU raided the monastery, claiming it was targeted to prevent the "subversive activities of Russian special services." The monastery needed to be checked for "teams of saboteurs, foreign citizens, weapons, etc." the service claimed, adding that the goal was to "prevent the use of the Lavra as a cell of 'Russian world.'"

The tragic story of a 14-year-old vaccine myocarditis victim — one of umpteen males misinformed by health authorities

Vaccine myocarditis is not trivial, mild, or "rare." In young men, it's a far greater risk than Covid hospitalization and death. On May 12th of last year, school teacher Emily Jo took her 14-year-old son Aiden to get his first Pfizer vaccine dose. The public health authorities and her son's pediatrician unanimously recommended vaccination, prompting her decision. She knew that mRNA shots caused some number of adverse events, like all vaccines, but was re-assured by the CDC and White House's public recommendation. "The talk amongst the mainstream medical community was that vaccine myocarditis was mild and that this was very rare," she told me. At that time, despite alarming heart inflammation reports from Israel, the CDC publicly claimed to have found no signal of myocarditis after "intentionally" investigating over 200 million administered doses. Moreover, Emily Jo was never warned of the myocarditis risk or informed about the risk-benefit profile. "When I took Aiden to get his...

New Fauci emails reveal lab leak cover-up happening in real time

There has been renewed interest in the origins of Covid and the lab leak theory this week following the release of further emails between senior U.S. Government health official Dr. Anthony Fauci and others as they conspired in early February 2020 to counter the theory and suppress it. The first thing to note is that the emails confirm that those involved - Fauci, Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust and CEPI, U.K. Chief Scientist Patrick Vallance, Kristian Andersen from Scripps, Germany's Christian Drosten and more - were not aware prior to late January that the virus was likely to be of lab origin. The question appears to be raised with Fauci by Kristian Andersen via Jeremy Farrar on January 31st 2020. Fauci responds that a group of evolutionary biologists should get together "as soon as possible" to examine the data carefully and that "if everyone agrees with this concern, they should report it to the appropriate authorities". Notably, Fauci does not seem to know who that is, but...

Biden admin blames Putin and climate change for soaring Thanksgiving dinner cost

While spending time with family and friends at Thanksgiving remains important for many Americans, the cost of that indulgence has never been higher, up a stunning 20% from last year to $64.05 for the classic feast. The cost for the classic meal was the most affordable in the South - $58.42, followed by the Northeast - $64.02, Midwest - $64.26 and West - $71.37. "General inflation slashing the purchasing power of consumers is a significant factor contributing to the increase in average cost of this year's Thanksgiving dinner," said AFBF Chief Economist Roger Cryan. "Farmers are working hard to meet growing demands for food - both here in the U.S. and globally - while facing rising prices for fuel, fertilizer and other inputs," said Cryan. Over the past two years, the grocery bill for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner has risen by 36.6%. All these changes are illustrated in the following chart from PoliticalCalculations blog:

Mayor of Ukraine's second-largest city fined for speaking Russian

The Kharkov city head has been accused of violating the law by addressing his fellow residents in a "non-state" language. Kiev has slapped the mayor of Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkov, with a fine for using what the authorities called a "non-state" language in an official TV address. Mayor Igor Terekhov is known for addressing his fellow residents in Russian. Terekhov will have to pay a fine of 3,400 hryvnas ($92) for violating Ukrainian law, Taras Kremin, the Ukrainian government's commissioner for the protection of the state language, said in a statement on Thursday.

Research sheds new light on foodways in the first cities

The world's first urban state societies developed in Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, some 5500 years ago. No other artefact type is more symbolic of this development than the so-called Beveled Rim Bowl (BRB), the first mass produced ceramic bowl. BRB function and what food(s) these bowls contained has been the subject of debate for over a century. A paper published today (18 November 2022) in The Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports shows that BRBs contained a variety of foods, but especially meat-based meals, most likely bone marrow flavoured stews or broths. Chemical compounds and stable isotope signatures of animal fats were discovered in BRBs from the Late Chalcolithic site of Shakhi Kora located in the Upper Diyala/Sirwan River Valley of north-eastern Iraq.* An international team led by Professor Claudia Glatz of the University of Glasgow has been carrying out excavations at Shakhi Kora since 2019 as part of the Sirwan Regional Project.* BRBs are mass-produced,...

Kanye West reveals Trump's reaction to his VP offer

The ex-president yelled at him and predicted that his 2024 White House bid would fail, the rapper claims. Musician and fashion designer Kanye 'Ye' West has said that Donald Trump was astonished at being offered the role of vice president on his 2024 presidential ticket and angrily rejected the proposal. Last week, West confirmed that he'll try running for the White House in two years' time, showing off newly designed apparel bearing a 'YE24' logo.

Balenciaga is sexualising children

The label has apologised for photographing young girls in BDSM outfits. Sometimes the hardest thing about discerning what is real or fake on the internet is that the truth can be so absurd and unbelievable. For example, if you came across this advertisement on Twitter, featuring a young child holding a teddy bear in bondage gear, you would be forgiven for assuming you were being trolled. Yet this is a real campaign by Balenciaga, the high-end fashion line with over 11 million followers on Instagram. The more you look, the worse it gets. This picture features a young girl holding a toy wearing fishnets, restraints and a padlock, with bruised purple and blue eyes (Balenciaga have been called out before for glamourising domestic violence, after they painted black eyes and a bloody nose on a model). This picture focuses on a girl lying down on a sofa surrounded by empty wine glasses, while this photo includes tape with the letters BAAL: a pagan God who demanded child sacrifice. This...

BEST OF THE WEB: At least 310 killed on Indonesia's main island of Java after shallow magnitude 5.6 earthquake (UPDATES)

At least 46 people have died and hundreds left injured after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook Indonesia's main island of Java on Monday. The head of the country's disaster agency BNPB said up to 700 have been injured from the earthquake. Earlier, a government official, Herman Suherman, said at least 300 were injured from the earthquake and said this figure was from just one hospital. He pointed out that there were four hospitals in the area, in comments that indicate the casualties and those injured from the earthquake could rise. The national disaster agency had earlier reported 14 deaths.

BEST OF THE WEB: Saudi Arabia: Devastating Jeddah storm sweeps away cars, cuts road to Mecca - 7 inches of rain in just 6 hours - 3 TIMES ANNUAL mean (UPDATE)

Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia's coastal city of Jeddah on Thursday delayed flights, forced school closures and shut the road to Mecca, Islam's holiest city, state media reported. Jeddah, a city of roughly four million people located close to the Red Sea, is often referred to as the "gateway to Mecca", where millions perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages each year. Images posted to social media on Thursday showed cars being swept along streets through raging torrents of water.

Mongolia warns of extreme cold in coming week

Large parts of Mongolia are expected to see extreme cold from the coming Monday and through the entire week, with expected overnight temperatures of 39 to 47 degrees Celsius below zero, the country's weather agency said Friday. The weather agency said that heavy snow and snow storms are hitting the country's eastern and western parts, urging the public, especially nomadic herders and drivers, to take extra precautions against possible disasters. Mongolia's climate is strongly continental, with long and frigid winters. A temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius is standard during winter. Unstable weather events are also common in the country throughout the year.

Why Do Americans Hate Putin?

Why do Americans hate Putin? Tucker Carlson thinks he knows. Here's what he said: "... Democrats in Washington have told you it's your patriotic duty to hate Vladimir Putin. It's not a suggestion. It's a mandate. Anything less than hatred for Putin is treason. Many Americans have obeyed this directive. They now dutifully hate Vladimir Putin. Maybe you're one of them. Hating Putin has become the central purpose of America's foreign policy. It's the main thing that we talk about. Entire cable channels are now devoted to it. Very soon, that hatred of Vladimir Putin could bring the United States into a conflict in Eastern Europe. Before that happens, it might be worth asking yourself: What is this really about? Why do I hate Putin so much? Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him? Has he shipped every middle-class job in my town to Russia? Did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic that wrecked my business and kept me indoors for two...

Lightning strike kills 2 in Harare, Zimbabwe

Two people died after being struck by lightning in Harare on Tuesday - a rare occurrence in an urban area, police said. Leonard Matipano, 33, was planting a maize crop in a field in an open space near Ridgeview, Belvedere, when he met his death. National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said two brothers, Phillip Chiundudzi ,43, and Prosper Chiundudzi, 27, were struck by lightning while hiding from rain under a shed at Habakkuk Church at Retreat Park in Waterfalls. Philip succumbed to his injuries upon admission at a local hospital while Prosper was admitted at the same hospital in a serious condition.

Saudi Arabia: Devastating Jeddah storm sweeps away cars, cuts road to Mecca - 7 inches of rain in 6 hours (UPDATE)

Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia's coastal city of Jeddah on Thursday delayed flights, forced school closures and shut the road to Mecca, Islam's holiest city, state media reported. Jeddah, a city of roughly four million people located close to the Red Sea, is often referred to as the "gateway to Mecca", where millions perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages each year. Images posted to social media on Thursday showed cars being swept along streets through raging torrents of water.

'This is unprecedented': Enron liquidator overseeing FTX bankruptcy speechless; 'I have never seen anything like this'

A few days ago we asked how much longer do we have to wait for the "first-day affidavit" in the FTX bankruptcy, traditionally the most detailed and comprehensive summary of how any given company collapsed into Chapter 11 (and in FTX's case, Chapter 7 soon, as this will soon become a full-blown liquidation)... ... and this morning we finally got our answer when it hit the docket (22-11068, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware), almost a full week after FTX filed on Nov 11... and boy is it a doozy.

Why isn't FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried in handcuffs yet?

To be honest, it's kind of hard to try and entertain the innuendo and rumors that Democrats and the media are working to do damage control on behalf of Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, because the idea is just so reprehensible. But they sure do keep giving us ammunition to make that suggestion, don't they? Comment: No one else is having difficulty entertaining this possibility. Bankman-Fried - the second biggest donor to Democrats behind George Soros - has all but admitted that he squandered billions of dollars of other people's money carelessly, writing "I fucked up" on Twitter in a mea culpa about two weeks ago, days after a run on his exchange exposed it to be a shell of what many perceived it to be.

The Covid/crypto connection: The grim saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

A series of revealing texts and tweets by Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced CEO of FTX, the once high-flying but now belly-up crypto exchange, had the following to say about his image as a do-gooder: it is a "dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us." Very interesting. He had the whole game going: a vegan worried about climate change, supports every manner of justice (racial, social, environmental) except that which is coming for him, and shells out millions to worthy charities associated with the left. He also bought plenty of access and protection in D.C., enough to make his shady company the toast of the town. As part of the mix, there is this thing called pandemic planning. We should know what that is by now: it means you can't be in charge of your life because there are bad viruses out there. As bizarre as it seems, and for reasons that are still not entirely clear, favoring lockdowns, masks, and vaccine passports became...

While 'blue checks' whine about extremism, Elon Musk is protecting sexually exploited children

If you've spent any time on Twitter recently, you will have noticed the outrage pouring out from the most prominent voices on the platform against its new owner, Elon Musk. From firing of half his workforce to allowing people to buy blue checkmarks to deciding to allow former President Donald Trump back on Twitter, Musk has been excoriated as platforming extremists and not being "remotely serious about safeguarding the platform from hate, harassment and misinformation," as the head of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt put it. Yet as the loudest voices on Twitter take up all the oxygen with minor complaints and one-upmanship of victimhood, Twitter under Musk's leadership has been quietly making small changes that will have a huge positive, global impact on the most vulnerable, people with no voice and no way to advocate for themselves: children who are sexually exploited. To give you a sense of the scale of the problem, on Twitter alone, there were 86,000 reports of the...

U.S. Government report recommends mask mandates and social distancing to "protect against long-COVID"

Not this again. Masks and social distancing should be mandated or encouraged in public to protect people from possible "long COVID", according to a new report commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services.

New study: Exposure to artificial outdoor light at night increases diabetes risk

A new study published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes [EASD]) finds that outdoor artificial light at night (LAN) is associated with impaired blood glucose control and an increased risk of diabetes, with more than 9 million cases of the disease in Chinese adults being attributed to LAN exposure. The study is by Dr Yu Xu and colleagues at the Shanghai Institute of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.

Mali bans French NGOs, alleging 'subterfuge, deception and manipulation, intended to destabilize' the country

Mali's junta announced on Monday, November 21, a ban on the activities of NGOs funded or supported by France, including humanitarian groups, amid a worsening row between Paris and Bamako. The West African nation's interim Prime Minister Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga justified the move in a statement on social media, calling it a response to France's recent halt to development aid for Mali. The French foreign ministry said last week it had made the decision, which came three months after finalizing its pull-out of anti-jihadist forces from the country, over Bamako's alleged use of paramilitaries from Russian group Wagner. Bamako denies this, acknowledging only the support of Russian military "instructors". Comment: Notably there was no mention the following report: Call for investigation into mass grave near French base in Mali

Ghana plans to buy oil with gold instead of US dollars in 'major structural change'

Ghana's government is working on a new policy to buy oil products with gold rather than U.S. dollar reserves, Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia said on Facebook on Thursday. The move is meant to tackle dwindling foreign currency reserves coupled with demand for dollars by oil importers, which is weakening the local cedi and increasing living costs. Ghana's Gross International Reserves stood at around $6.6 billion at the end of September 2022, equating to less than three months of imports cover. That is down from around $9.7 billion at the end of last year, according to the government.

New analysis helps reconcile differences between satellites and climate models

Satellite observations and computer simulations are important tools for understanding past changes in Earth's climate and for projecting future changes. However, satellite observations consistently show less warming than climate model simulations from 1979 to the present, especially in the tropical troposphere (the lowest ~15km of Earth's atmosphere). This difference has raised concerns that models may overstate future temperature changes. Rather than being an indicator of fundamental model errors, the model-satellite difference can largely be explained by natural fluctuations in Earth's climate and imperfections in climate-model forcing agents, according to new research by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists. "Natural climate variability appears to have partly masked warming over the satellite era," said Stephen Po-Chedley, a LLNL climate scientist and lead author of a paper appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The results of the...

Protests erupt at China's largest iPhone factory over Covid-19 restrictions, or labor dispute?

Violent protests have broken out around Foxconn's vast iPhone factory in central China, as workers clashed with security personnel over Covid restrictions at the plant. In videos shared on Weibo and Twitter that AFP has verified, hundreds of workers can be seen marching on a road in daylight, with some being confronted by riot police and people in hazmat suits. A nightime video showed a man with a bloodied face as someone off-camera says: "They're hitting people, hitting people. Do they have a conscience?" AFP verified that video partly through geolocation that showed distinctive features, including a building and barricades near staff living quarters on the factory compound. Another video showed smashed-up Covid-19 testing booths and an overturned vehicle. In one daytime video, several fire trucks surrounded by police in hazmat suits were parked near residential blocks while a voice on a loudspeaker was heard saying: "All workers please return to their accommodation, do not...

The journalist-run, intelligence-linked operation that warped British pandemic policy

Presented as an independent voice for "unbiased" scientific advice, iSAGE provided a channel for media spinmeisters, spies and psy-op specialists to influence Britain's pandemic policy without accountability. Leaked internal emails show members fretting over its unethical methods. Throughout Britain's response to the COVID-19 crisis, a lobbying group known as the Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (iSAGE) served as a key driving force behind the government's most draconian lockdown policies. While it presented itself as a non-governmental organization composed of forward-thinking health experts, The Grayzone can reveal iSAGE not only maintains an array of ties to the British security state, while relying largely on political, rather than scientific, considerations when crafting policy recommendations. With Winter ahead in Europe and calls for the reimposition of COVID-19 restrictions growing once again — not least from iSAGE itself — the outfit's endeavors...

What a choice: A tyrannical world government or a nuclear war

If you had to choose between living under an extremely oppressive world government or living through a nuclear war, which one would be your choice? Personally, I don't like either of those two options, but in recent days western leaders have been trying to convince us that we will either have one or the other. According to them, either we can submit to a "global order" that is dominated by the values and the agenda of the western elite or we can accept a multipolar world which will eventually lead to widespread chaos and nuclear war. Needless to say, western politicians are going to try very hard to get us to choose the former. On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Bangkok even though France is not actually a member. During that speech, Macron lamented the fact that rapidly deteriorating relations between the U.S. and China are tearing the world apart, and he boldly declared that what we really need...

Could Minsk II have prevented the war in Ukraine?

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began, Western commentators have spent a huge amount of time expressing moral outrage at Russia's actions, but comparatively little time thinking about how the war could have been prevented. This is puzzling. Even if Ukraine manages to win, this victory will have come at an enormous price - tens of thousands of lives, millions of refugees (many of whom may never return), and untold damage to the country's infrastructure. No matter what the outcome, the war will have been disastrous for ordinary Ukrainians. It therefore seems essential to ask whether it could have been prevented.

UK Supreme Court rules Scottish parliament cannot hold 2nd independence referendum

Scotland remains split on whether the country should be independent. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Scottish government cannot organise its own independence referendum. In a blow for First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, a panel of five judges said that as constitutional matters are "reserved" to Westminster, the Scottish Parliament cannot legislate for a second referendum. Announcing the unanimous ruling, Lord Reed said: "The Scottish Parliament does not have the power to legislate for a referendum on Scottish independence." The case was brought to the court after Sturgeon set out plans to hold a second vote on independence on Oct. 19 next year. She said if that were not possible, the SNP would make the next general election a "de facto referendum" on whether Scotland should be independent.

UK providing Ukraine with cutting-edge weapons - media

The UK has supplied Ukraine with high-precision Brimstone 2 missiles, the British media reported on Monday. Video released by the military showed the delivery of an advanced version of the projectile compared to those already in use with Ukrainian forces. According to reports, London began shipping earlier versions of the missile to Ukraine about six months ago. While originally designed to be launched from aircraft, these projectiles are typically fired by Ukrainian troops from modified trucks. They are used to destroy enemy tanks and other military vehicles. Each Brimstone 2 missile reportedly costs approximately £175,000 ($207,110). It has two modes of operation: it can either hit targets by tracking a laser or select one from a pre-programmed list with the help of radar. The system can scan the battlefield and independently select the most appropriate target while sparing civilian vehicles and military equipment of secondary importance. During his visit to Kiev at the weekend...

Ukrainian lawmakers propose banning Russian Orthodox Church

Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovnaya Rada, has registered a bill that seeks to completely outlaw the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) on the territory of Ukraine, as lawmakers insist the church poses a threat to Ukraine's national security and order. The bill was initiated by former president Pyotr Poroshenko's European Solidarity party, whose co-chairman, Irina Gerashschenko, announced the move on Facebook on Tuesday. She suggested that the ROC was "not a church, but an ideological organization promoting the 'Russian world'." She also accused the Moscow Patriarchate of using the Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery - Ukraine's main Orthodox Christian monastery - as an "anti-Ukrainian Kremlin cell." The proposed legislation seeks to outlaw the activities of all religious organizations and institutions that are part of or recognize subordination to the ROC "in canonical, organizational, and other matters." "The liberation of Ukraine from the Russian Orthodox Church is...

Maskless World Cup scenes spark anger in zero-Covid China

Authorities have put more than a quarter of the Chinese population under some form of lockdown as of Tuesday, according to Nomura analysts - a contrast with the raucous World Cup crowds that have infuriated many Chinese social media users. Images of maskless crowds at the World Cup in Qatar have sparked anger in China, where people worn out by harsh Covid-19 restrictions are questioning their government's exceptional approach while the rest of the world lives alongside the virus. China is the last major economy still attempting to stamp out the domestic spread of Covid-19, and has continued to shut down entire cities, seal off neighbourhoods and impose mandatory tests on millions. Driven by the fast-spreading Omicron variant, daily cases in the country hit 29,157 on Wednesday — low compared to most other countries but nearing the domestic record set earlier this year.

Brazil freezes bank accounts of citizens protesting election results

Brazil has started freezing the bank accounts of citizens found to be protesting against the nation's recent presidential election results, according to reports. As Slay News has reported, millions of Brazilians have been flooding the streets to rise up in protest over the controversial election. Incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and his party have been attempting to annul the election amid allegations of voter fraud. Since the runoff election on October 30th in Brazil, Brazilians have been protesting on the streets daily. The election was "won" by Bolsonaro's far-left socialist challenger Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Lula is Brazil's former president and a convicted criminal who was previously jailed for fraud. As Slay News previously reported, Brazil's military has warned that "possible fraud" may have influenced the country's controversial presidential election.

China announces strategy to cope with its aging population and falling birthrate

China has decided to set up a national university for the elderly to cope up with the rapidly ageing society and declining fertility. The university will function under the state-run Open University of China and the curriculum will range from foreign languages, computer skills, music and dance to photography, painting, sports, cooking and other crafts and skills, the Global Times reported. The announcement comes almost a month after China's president Xi Jinping demanded that Beijing "implement a national strategy to actively cope with ageing".

Died Suddenly: Mix of great information plus 'a lot of garbage'

People are buzzing about the new documentary "Died Suddenly." I had a chance to listen to it on my commute yesterday. It made me angry. Here's why. There is some great information in this movie. Information that could — potentially — open people's eyes and minds. In particular, the interviews with the embalmers and morticians are incredible. The long, white fibrous material they have been finding in dead people's arteries and veins after the vaccine rollout is truly horrifying. It isn't new, but it's presented all in one place in a highly compelling way, especially the scene where you see it being removed from a dead body during an embalming session. The movie would have been far more effective if it had just focused on that (and dug deeper to show what they're made of, etc.). But unfortunately it tainted that and other good information (such as presented by Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch and Dr. James Thorp) by covering it with a lot of garbage. Here are five examples of the garbage...

Airline operators to push for lone pilot flights despite safety concerns

WASHINGTON — Airline operators and civil aviation regulators across the world are pushing to fly airplanes with only one pilot in the cockpit to cut costs. If accepted, the one-pilot setup would in the cockpit lower costs besides helping airlines to cope with the flight crew shortage. However, some find it disconcerting to put such authority in the hands of a single person. In order to make single-pilot flights a safety standard, more than 40 nations, including Germany, Britain, and New Zealand, have applied to the UN agency that establishes aviation standards for assistance. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has also been working with planemakers to determine how technology could help to operate commercial aircraft with only one pilot on board. The agency predicts it to begin in 2027. Tony Lucas, an Airbus A330 captain at Qantas and president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, is concerned that a lone pilot in the cockpit might be overwhelmed...

China's announces strategy to cope with its aging population and falling birthrate

China has decided to set up a national university for the elderly to cope up with the rapidly ageing society and declining fertility. The university will function under the state-run Open University of China and the curriculum will range from foreign languages, computer skills, music and dance to photography, painting, sports, cooking and other crafts and skills, the Global Times reported. The announcement comes almost a month after China's president Xi Jinping demanded that Beijing "implement a national strategy to actively cope with ageing".

Satellite images show Ukraine plunged into darkness after Russia takes out energy terminals

Remarkable satellite images have shown how Ukraine was plunged into almost complete darkness after Vladimir Putin targeted power stations in the latest brutal wave of missiles. Strikes on Wednesday left multiple people dead, disconnected three Ukrainian nuclear plants automatically from the national grid and even provoked blackouts in neighbouring Moldova, whose energy network is linked to Ukraine. Comment: Ukraine has been stealing Moldova's gas, supplied by Russia. Such attacks have forced millions of people to go without light, water or heating for hours or days at a time, just as outdoor temperatures fall below freezing.

The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health - further proof with COVID-19

Background: The COVID-19 period highlights a huge problem that has been developing for decades, the control of science by industry. In the 1950s, the tobacco industry set the example, which the pharmaceutical industry followed. Since then, the latter has been regularly condemned for illegal marketing, misrepresentation of experimental results, dissimulation of information about the dangers of drugs, and considered as criminal. Therefore, this study was conducted to show that knowledge is powerfully manipulated by harmful corporations, whose goals are: 1/financial; 2/to suppress our ability to make choices to acquire global control of public health. Methods: Pharmaceutical industry techniques for manipulating science and COVID-19 reporting were reviewed. Several sources of official documents were used: PubMed; National Institutes of Health resources; pharmaceutical companies; policy documents; national newspapers and news agencies; and books by prominent professionals (scientific...

4,300-foot-long tunnel under Egyptian temple discovered in the ancient city of Alexandria

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an underground tunnel at Taposiris Magna, a temple dedicated to Osiris, the god of death. Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist with the University of Santo Domingo, located the 6.5-foot-tall, 4,300-foot-long tunnel roughly 43 feet underground at the temple, which is situated west of the ancient city of Alexandria. She also found two Ptolemaic-era alabaster statues and several ceramic vessels and pots, reports Artnet's Sarah Cascone. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities shared the find in a statement last week and described the tunnel as a "geometric miracle."

Russia's FSB arrests 68 underground gunmakers in nationwide security sweep

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) apprehended 68 clandestine gunmakers in 31 Russian regions in a nationwide security sweep, seizing over 300 firearms, thousands of cartridges and almost 20 kg of explosives, the FSB press office told TASS on Tuesday. "The Federal Security Service in coordination with the Interior Ministry and the National Guard foiled the criminal activity of 68 residents in 31 regions complicit in restoring the combat properties of civilian guns at underground workshops and their sale," the press office said in a statement. FSB operatives seized 304 firearms of domestic and foreign manufacture, 83 artillery shells and mines, 51 hand grenades, 15 fuses, over 18.4 kg of explosives (gunpowder, TNT), more than 15,250 rounds of various caliber, 63 basic parts for firearms, and also 7 bladed weapons, it said.

Machine learning autonomously identify 1,000 supernovae

Today's astronomical facilities scan the night sky deeper and faster than ever before. Identifying and classifying known and potentially interesting cosmic events is becoming impossible for one or a group of astronomers. Therefore, increasingly they train computers to do the work for them. Astronomers from the Zwicky Transient Facility collaboration at Caltech have announced that their machine-learning algorithm has now classified and reported 1000 supernovae completely autonomously. "We needed a helping hand and we knew that once we train our computers to do the job, they would take a big load off our backs", says Christoffer Fremling, a staff astronomer at Caltech and the mastermind behind the new algorithm, dubbed SNIascore. "SNIascore classified its first supernova in April 2021 and a year and a half later we are hitting a nice milestone of 1000 supernovae without any human involvement". Many of the current and most exciting scientific questions that astronomers are trying to...

Saudi Arabia: Devastating Jeddah storm sweeps away cars, cuts road to Mecca

Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia's coastal city of Jeddah on Thursday delayed flights, forced school closures and shut the road to Mecca, Islam's holiest city, state media reported. Jeddah, a city of roughly four million people located close to the Red Sea, is often referred to as the "gateway to Mecca", where millions perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages each year. Images posted to social media on Thursday showed cars being swept along streets through raging torrents of water.

Heavy snowfall in 3 states of Australia just days before start of summer - 16.5 inches reported

With only a few days to go until summer officially starts, residents in several states woke to subzero temperatures and a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the cold snap is expected to continue in the NSW alpine area on Thursday. Ski resorts in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania reported their heaviest fall since the end of the snow season in October. On Wednesday morning, Perisher in alpine NSW, recorded a staggering 25cms of snow had fallen on the slopes overnight. The latest powder dump takes the total to an eye-popping 42cm of snow over the past week, with summer just a week away.

Northern Hemisphere snow cover is 2nd highest in 17 years

Snow cover is present from Minnesota all the way to Siberia. The Northern Hemisphere is off to a good start for snow cover this season. A check of Northern Hemisphere snow cover shows we're at the second-highest snow cover level in the past 17 years, since 2005. You can see on the map below how there's snow cover from Minnesota, all the way north to the Arctic Circle across North America.

Nearly 100,000 lightning strikes in New Zealand over the last week - one bolt ignites vehicle

Over the last week, New Zealand saw 91,349 lightning strikes, MetService said today. That's an average of one lightning strike every seven seconds between last Wednesday and yesterday. "Every region got a few sparks... except for the Canterbury High Country," the forecaster tweeted. They added that 27,413 (30%) of those strikes were recorded over land.

Italy - Floods and storm surge prompt rescues and evacuations

A wave of severe weather swept across Italy from 22 November 2022, including strong winds, high waves, storm surge and heavy rain. Emergency services carried out 2,500 interventions in 8 regions. Italy's fire service Vigili del Fuoco reported a total of 2,500 interventions due to severe weather in 24 hours to 23 November 2022, including 715 in Lazio Region; 480 in Campania; 470 in Sardinia; 200 in Sicily; 300 in Veneto; 210 in Emilia Romagna and 180 in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Local media said the severe weather was brought by Storm Denise, which also affected the French island of Corsica. Many of the interventions were in response to damage caused by strong winds, including roofs ripped off buildings, and downed trees, branches and power lines. Vigili del Fuoco reported winds of more than 100 km/h in Trieste in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Stormy weather and roughs seas also affected areas in Sicily where ferry services were disrupted from the port at Milazzo.

Detransitioners testify before Scottish Parliament about harms of gender affirmation

Two detransitioned young adults who had their bodies surgically altered by "gender-affirming" doctors and now regret the procedures they underwent testified before a Scottish parliamentary committee Tuesday regarding the government's controversial Gender Recognition Reform Bill. Sinead Watson and Ritchie Herron spoke about the dangers of gender-affirming care and their concerns about the proposed bill that would make it easier for transgender people over age 16 to legally change their sex. "The voices of detransitioners have not been heard, either by the Scottish Government in developing its proposals or by MSPs (Members of Scottish Parliament) who are considering this draft legislation," Sinead Watson told the Glasgow Times.

Portugal - 2 dead after heavy rains trigger landslide in Esposende

Authorities in the municipality of Esposende in Braga District of northern Portugal report that 2 people have died after a landslide following heavy rainfall. Civil Protection in Portugal said a landslide and large rocks destroyed part of a single-family home in Palmeira de Faro in Esposende early on 23 November 2022. Two people died and 4 people were rescued unharmed. A team of over 40 personnel from various emergency services worked for 16 hours to find the bodies of the deceased. Five engineers from the University of Minho were also at the scene. The landslide also damaged neighbouring homes and residents of 3 houses were evacuated for safety concerns.

Toddler mauled to death in another pit bull attack in South Africa - 3rd such fatality in 10 days

A 15-month-old boy has been mauled to death in a pit bull attack in Gonubie Farm, East London on Wednesday, November 23. Police say the toddler was playing in a neighbour's yard when the dog attacked him. "According to police reports, the boy was playing with the neighbor's dog on the farm when the pit bull spotted a passer-by walking his dog. After failing to leave the yard, the pit bull is alleged to have returned to the child and bit him in the upper body," said Eastern Cape police spokesperson Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana. He added that after the incident, the paramedics were called to transport the child to a nearby hospital, where he was reported to have succumbed to injuries sustained.

Conrad Black: Klaus Schwab's obsession with pushing global governance

Last week at the G20 meeting in Indonesia, as U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping wasted their time talking about global warming, a subject the People's Republic does not take seriously, instead of the origins of COVID or the status of Taiwan, to my utter astonishment, the face and voice of the "Great Reset" appeared. This is the jargon for the readjustment in the world towards so-called stakeholder capitalism that is the ambition of the conveners of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The forum began in 1971 as a conference where a few political leaders and celebrities from different industries and activities gathered and the occasion was paid for by admission fees happily tendered by a selection of prosperous people from different countries who wished to rub shoulders with the prominent featured guests. It was a winning commercial formula and it grew and grew. It never moved to a more commodious and stylish place than the dreary and remote Swiss town of Davos. It...

Bolsonaro contests Brazil election loss, wants votes voided

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is contesting his defeat in the October election and calling on the electoral authority to annul votes cast on more than half of electronic voting machines used. More than three weeks after losing a reelection bid, President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday blamed a software bug and demanded the electoral authority annul votes cast on most of Brazil's nation's electronic voting machines, though independent experts say the bug doesn't affect the reliability of results. Such an action would leave Bolsonaro with 51% of the remaining valid votes — and a reelection victory, Marcelo de Bessa, the lawyer who filed the 33-page request on behalf of the president and his Liberal Party, told reporters. The electoral authority has already declared victory for Bolsonaro's nemesis, leftist former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and even many of the president's allies have accepted the results. Protesters in cities across the country have steadfastly refused to do...

Musk outlines stance on 'completely fictional' AP report

The new Twitter boss points out the platform has not banned "even the most far left account spouting utter lies." Elon Musk has rejected accusations he was some kind of "right-wing bogeyman" and claimed that Twitter under his ownership has not banned any leftists, not even for "utter lies." As an example, the new Twitter owner cited last week's AP report claiming that a "Russian" missile had struck a village in Poland, which could have sparked World War III. The comments came in response to conservative journalist Kyle Becker, who mocked "spoiled lefty journos" pretending that Musk was some kind of right-winger even though he was allowing "left-wing 'fake news'" to remain on Twitter.

BEST OF THE WEB: Tucker Carlson: No healthy society can tolerate pedophilia

It is a stable of so-called conspiracy theories that at the highest levels of politics and finance, there is a shadowy cabal of pedophiles who use their power to hide the crimes they commit against children. People think that. Sounds pretty far out to us. Too dark and strange to be true and of course we are not, obviously, endorsing that idea. On the other hand, you can kind of see why people might believe it. Jeffrey Epstein, for example. Epstein continued to dine with business moguls and heads of state long after he was arrested for having sex with minors. How did he do that? Why didn't nobody say anything? Why did people keep eating with him? Well, at the very least, we can conclude, based on the evidence that there is a tolerance for pedophilia among some, among the most powerful in our society, a tolerance that you would not find in, say, your average middle class American family. Some of the rich really are different that way. That's clearly true and in case you need more...

Balenciaga photographer says he had no creative control over bondage-themed campaign featuring children

The Italian photographer who took the shots of children holding a teddy bear dressed in a BDSM outfit that outraged hundreds of people online says he's been the target of a 'lynching' and had no creative control over the project. Gabriele Galimberti, who has been featured in National Geographic, The Sunday Times, Stern, Geo, Le Monde, La Repubblica and Marie Claire, addressed the controversy on Instagram Wednesday. He wrote: 'Following the hundreds of hate mails and messages I received as a result of the photos I took for the Balenciaga campaign, I feel compelled to make this statement.

New study shows majority of Americans dying of COVID are vaccinated

The majority of Americans dying from Covid are vaccinated according to a new study, prompting a leading health policy nonprofit to concede that "we can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated." According to an analysis conducted for The Washington Post by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, 58 percent of August 2022 Covid deaths were people who were vaccinated or boosted.

Leaked messages show Trudeau ministers discussed sending tanks against trucker convoy protesters

Text messages between Two of Justin Trudeau's ministers, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and Justice Minister David Lametti reveal that there were conversations as to whether tanks should be brought in to face protestors during February's Freedom Convoy protest. The revelation came during the Emergencies Act inquiry. The short conversation between the two ministers took place on Wednesday, February 2. The Emergencies Act would not be invoked until February 14.

Protests erupt at China's largest iPhone factory over Covid-19 restrictions

Violent protests have broken out around Foxconn's vast iPhone factory in central China, as workers clashed with security personnel over Covid restrictions at the plant. In videos shared on Weibo and Twitter that AFP has verified, hundreds of workers can be seen marching on a road in daylight, with some being confronted by riot police and people in hazmat suits. A nightime video showed a man with a bloodied face as someone off-camera says: "They're hitting people, hitting people. Do they have a conscience?" AFP verified that video partly through geolocation that showed distinctive features, including a building and barricades near staff living quarters on the factory compound. Another video showed smashed-up Covid-19 testing booths and an overturned vehicle. In one daytime video, several fire trucks surrounded by police in hazmat suits were parked near residential blocks while a voice on a loudspeaker was heard saying: "All workers please return to their accommodation, do not...

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to regulate speech on Twitter

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London who has presided over some of the worst increases in knife crime, has called for Twitter to be regulated and for speech to be policed. Khan, who regularly ignores his constituents to post hot takes on social media, issued a warning to Twitter's new owner Elon Musk on Sunday hours after former President Donald Trump had his account restored on the platform. Labeling Trump a "dangerous far-right politician who has a history of inciting violence," the mayor stated that the former president should not be allowed to use any form of social media and called for a broader, sweeping set of regulations to police online speech. "The return of Donald Trump to Twitter shows why we desperately need new regulation of social media and online speech," wrote Khan in his massive missive, ignoring the fact that Trump maintains a strong online platform on Truth Social and whose speeches continue to be featured by the mainstream media.

Russia is not 'state sponsor of terrorism' says US ambassador, contradicting EU parliament resolution

The US cannot designate Russia as a "state sponsor of terrorism" since it simply does not fit the relevant criteria, the US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack told a briefing on Tuesday, while commenting on a similar initiative by European lawmakers. The EU parliament adopted a resolution calling Russia a "state sponsor of terrorism" on Wednesday. "The designation of a state sponsor of terror in terms of the way US law defines it is not a good match for Russia here," Van Schaack told journalists. Washington is currently "exploring other potential designations" that would allow it to potentially impose further sanctions on Moscow, the ambassador added. Comment: The US (and the West more generally) seems to be a glutton for punishment when it comes to sanctions.

Electric War

Footfalls echo in the memory Down the passage which we did not take Towards the door we never opened Into the rose-garden. My words echo Thus, in your mind. But to what purpose Disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose-leaves I do not know. T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton Spare a thought to the Polish farmer snapping pics of a missile wreckage - later indicated to belong to a Ukrainian S-300. So a Polish farmer, his footfalls echoing in our collective memory, may have saved the world from WWIII - unleashed via a tawdry plot concocted by Anglo-American "intelligence". Such tawdriness was compounded by a ridiculous cover-up: the Ukrainians were firing on Russian missiles from a direction that they could not possibly be coming from. That is: Poland. And then the U.S. Secretary of Defense, weapons peddler Lloyd "Raytheon" Austin, sentenced Russia was to blame anyway, because his Kiev vassals were shooting at Russian missiles that should not have been in the air (and they were not). Call it the...

Roman coin reveals long-lost Roman emperor

A ROMAN COIN, PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT TO BE A FORGERY, HAS NOW BEEN AUTHENTICATED AND DEPICTS A LONG-LOST ROMAN EMPEROR. A study led by the University College London (UCL) was researching a coin housed at The Hunterian collection at the University of Glasgow. Researchers compared the coin with a handful of genuine coins of the same design, unearthed in 1713 in Transylvania, Romania. The team found minerals cemented in place by silica on the coin's surface, indicating that it was buried over a long period of time and then exposed to air. The coin also showed a pattern of wear, suggesting that it was in active circulation during the Roman period. The coin depicts a previously unknown emperor named Sponsian, who may have been a local army officer forced to assume supreme command in the Roman province of Dacia, a territory overlapping with modern-day Romania. Archaeological studies suggest that the region was cut off from the rest of the Roman empire around AD 260, before being evacuated...

Zelensky trapped by Moscow and Washington

The evolution of the balance of power on the Ukrainian battlefield and the tragic episode of the G20 in Bali mark a reversal of the situation. If the West still believes that it will soon defeat Moscow, the United States has already begun secret negotiations with Russia. They are preparing to let go of Ukraine and to put the blame solely on Volodymyr Zelensky. As in Afghanistan, the awakening will be brutal. I was talking to an open-minded leader of the European Parliament in Brussels ten days ago, and I listened to him tell me that the Ukrainian conflict was certainly complex, but that the most obvious thing was that Russia had invaded that country. I replied by observing that international law obliged Germany, France and Russia to implement resolution 2202, which Moscow alone had done. I continued by reminding him of the responsibility to protect the populations in case of failure of their own government. He cut me off and asked me: "If my government complains about the fate of...

U.S. Army's weapons contract reviews accelerate to replace Ukraine aid

The U.S. Army is accelerating its weapons acquisition process to speed through a backlog of contracts needed to replenish U.S. stocks of weapons depleted by arms shipments to Ukraine, a U.S. official said on Monday. Doug Bush, the chief weapons buyer for the Army, told reporters the accelerated contracting effort hinges on running processes simultaneously that used to be run in succession and is based on lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic. Ukraine has relied heavily on the Unites States for weapons, with Washington sending about $17.9 billion worth of arms since Moscow launched its invasion of the country on February 24. According to recent Pentagon contracting data, $2.6 billion worth of contracts have been awarded to replace weapons rushed to Ukraine since Washington began using a special Presidential Drawdown Authority, (PDA) which allows quick weapons transfers without congressional approval in response to an emergency.

Ukraine quietly abolishes corruption oversight rule

President Vladimir Zelensky has harmed Ukraine's hopes of joining the EU by signing an amendment that reduced financial oversight of politicians, anti-corruption activists in Kiev said on Monday. The measure "practically kills" efforts to combat money-laundering, the head of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) claimed. The body is funded by the US government and EU member states and elites in Kiev have long been hostile to its work, despite their dependence on Western funding and support. Ukraine had previously mandated lifetime financial monitoring of "politically exposed persons," including government officials and lawmakers - until Zelensky signed an amendment last week limiting it to just three years. Officially, the law is supposed to "protect Ukraine's financial system from Russia and Belarus," but the AntAC says it will harm the country's interests instead. AntAC head Vitaly Shabunin said on social media: "With this law, politicians destroyed the system of financial...

Huge fire engulfs residence of Algerian Ambassador to Russia in Moscow

A fire has broken out in residence of Algerian Ambassador to Russia, according to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, APA's correspondent in Moscow reports. According to information, a fire has broken out in residence of the Algerian Ambassador in Street Spiridonovka 13 in center of Moscow.

A new study says genes and languages aren't always together

Over 7,000 languages are spoken around the world. This linguistic diversity, like biological traits, is passed down from generation to generation. But, as Charles Darwin originally proposed, have language and genes evolved in tandem over the last few thousand years? An interdisciplinary team from the University of Zurich and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig (Germany) has now investigated this question on a global scale. The researchers put together a global database linking linguistic and genetic data entitled GeLaTo (Genes and Languages Together), which contains genetic information from some 4,000 individuals speaking 295 languages and representing 397 genetic populations. One in five gene-language links point to language shifts In their study, the researchers examined the extent to which the linguistic and genetic histories of populations coincided. People who speak related languages tend to also be genetically related, but this isn't always the...

Walmart worker in Virginia opens fire, killing at least 6

Investigators were searching the house Wednesday of a Walmart employee who opened fire at a Virginia store, killing at least six people and wounding at least four more before taking his own life. A motive has not been established for the mass killing Tuesday night at the Walmart Supercenter in the city of Chesapeake, but a senior law enforcement official told NBC News the suspect was a disgruntled employee who was armed with a pistol of some kind. The shooter's identity has not yet been released. It was the deadliest store shooting since May when a racist white gunman shot 10 Black people dead at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, according to an NBC News tally. Comment: Meanwhile the gay nightclub shooting that occurred just days ago was by a man claiming to be non-binary: Colorado Club Q shooting suspect is non-binary, uses 'they/them' pronouns: attorneys

Gazprom to cut gas supplies to Moldova because Ukraine is stealing it

If the transit imbalance through Ukraine for Moldovan consumers persists, on November 28, Gazprom will begin cutting gas supplies. Russian gas sent to Moldova through Ukraine does not fully reach Chisinau, Gazprom said. "Gazprom" fixes the settling in Ukraine of Russian gas intended for supply to Moldovan consumers under a contract with the company "Moldovagaz", - the message says in the company's Telegram channel.

Oldest charred food remains reveal earliest evidence of plant cooking by prehistoric humans

The food pieces include a mixture of different seeds, wild pulses, wild mustard, wild nuts and wild grasses - which could have formed meals resembling bread, porridge, or patties. Scientists have analysed the oldest charred food remains ever found, providing the earliest evidence of plant cooking among Neanderthals. Ancient hunter-gatherers were thought to have a largely meat-based diet, but researchers have found that prehistoric people had a diverse diet in which plants featured heavily. Comment: What exactly does 'featured heavily' mean? That they ate a large quantity of them? Or there was a large selection and they featured often? Because having a salad or a piece of bread with a steak doesn't count as 'featuring heavily'. Researchers used a scanning electron microscope to analyse nine samples of ancient charred food from two sites: Shanidar Cave, a Neanderthal and early modern human dwelling around 500 miles north of Baghdad in Iraq, and Franchthi Cave in Greece.

The age of dangerous charlatans

Elon Musk, the prominent enfant terrible of the globalist set, never ceases to astonish. At the recent G20 business forum in Indonesia, prompted by no apparent motive related to the gathering, he declared that "maybe we will find alien civilisations or discover civilisations that existed millions of years ago." The bizarre announcement was delivered in a suitably mystical atmosphere, including an occult crystal bowl situated in the forefront, with Musk sitting in the dark, wearing a traditional Indonesian batik shirt and surrounded by candles as he offered a "vision" for the future that in addition to aliens also included deep tunnels and rocket tourism. There is no record of anyone in attendance asking Musk the obvious question: what qualifies him to speculate on these subjects? There is meagre information about Musk's education and accomplishments, if we exclude the widely known fact of his sudden, inexplicable, and spectacular enrichment, on a par with similar "success stories"...

Colorado Club Q shooting suspect is non-binary, uses 'they/them' pronouns: attorneys

Attorneys for Anderson Lee Aldrich, the individual charged with 5 counts of murder and 5 hate crimes, have said that Aldrich is "non-binary" and uses "they/them" pronouns. Aldrich is accused of engaging in a mass shooting at Colorado Springs nightclub Club Q, killing 5 and wounding more than 17. Aldrich is being represented by public defenders. In documents obtained by The New York Times, attorneys list Aldrich as "Mx. Anderson Aldrich." The document reads:

Bolsonaro files official court challenge to annul Brazil's election

Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro has launched a challenge to the presidential election he recently lost to former and now President-elect Lula da Silva. Bolsonaro argues that there are votes from some machines that should be "invalidated," reports Reuters. Lula's win has already been ratified by the Superior Electoral Court, he's been congratulated by international leaders like Canada's Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden. But Bolsonaro's supporters protested post-election and continue to do so, not believing that Lula, a man who served as president and was convicted on corruption charges only to have a court throw them out, could actually have won the election. The justice who leads the Superior Electoral Court, Alexandrew de Moraes, issued a ruling that reads that "Bolsonaro's right-wing electoral coalition, which filed the complaint, must present its full audit for both rounds of last month's vote within 24 hours, or he would reject it," Reuters reports.

Associated Press fires reporter over retracted Russian missiles story: report

The Associated Press has fired the journalist who reported a story that Russian-fired missiles crossed into Poland after it was revealed that Ukraine likely fired the projectiles, according to a report. The publication took the article offline and replaced it with an editor's note stating that the single source cited — a senior US intelligence people — had incorrect information and "subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack." Before the story was retracted, the Nov. 15 article was widely spread by other publications across the internet and cable news.

Panama - Deadly landslide in Colón, floods damage homes in Los Santos and Herrera

Civil Protection authorities in Panama report that two people have died after heavy rain triggered a landslide in Colón Province. Meanwhile flooding continues to affect communities in Los Santos and Herrera Provinces where dozens of homes have been damaged. Heavy rain since the start of November has caused flooding and landslides in several provinces of the country. The rain is expected to continue until at least the end of the month. The National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC) said search and rescue personnel recovered two lifeless bodies of a father and son who were trapped in a house buried by a landslide in Cativá, Colón District, Colón Province on 21 November 2022.

Police threaten to arrest women's rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen if she doesn't attend 'voluntary' interview

Sussex Police has threatened a women right's group founder with a hate crime arrest after a rally two months ago where her group was attacked by pro-trans activists. The force told mother-of-four Kellie-Jay Keen an allegation made about her that she used 'words or behaviour to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation' was now being investigated. In an extraordinary phone call released by Standing For Women founder Kellie-Jay, one officer said she could be arrested if she did not attend a 'voluntary' interview.

50 injured after shallow 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey

A magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck northwest Turkey during Wednesday's early hours, injuring at least 50 people. The shallow tremor struck about 170 kilometres (105 miles) east of Istanbul, the country's largest city, where it was strongly felt. National authorities said the quake was at a magnitude of 5.9 -- lower than the 6.1 given by the US Geological Survey -- and its epicentre was in Duzce province's Golyaka district, though it also shook other nearby cities. "We were woken up with a big noise and tremor," Duzce resident Fatma Colak told AFP.

Southern California feels effect of shallow 6.2-magnitude earthquake that struck off Mexican coast

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck near the coast of Mexico's Baja California on Tuesday morning, with impacts felt over 150 miles away in Southern California. The United States Geological Survey says the quake occurred in the Pacific Ocean, about 125 miles south of the U.S. border. A tsunami is not expected, according to the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center. USGS reports indicate the earthquake could be felt as far as 200 miles away near Palm Desert, California. A USA TODAY journalist observed a small amount of shaking at an apartment building near Del Mar, California. The USGS considers a 6.0 earthquake to be moderate and likely to cause property damage. In contrast, a 7.0 earthquake is considered strong, likely to be deadly and expected to cause billions in damage.

Russians MPs vote against bill on criminalizing LGBT 'propaganda'

A State Duma Committee pushed back against a proposal from two parliamentary opposition lawmakers. Russia's parliamentary Committee on State Construction has issued recommendations on a number of controversial amendments to an anti-LGBTQ propaganda bill adopted last month. It has rejected provisions that would introduce criminal liability for repeated violations of the law prohibiting the promotion of pedophilia and so-called non-traditional sexual relations.

'Lesbian writer' says she couldn't find 'a single truly transphobic message' from J.K. Rowling, refuses to write hit-piece

A freelance writer was assigned to write a hit-piece on J.K. Rowling, but after researching the controversy over the author's purportedly "transphobic" tweets, she came out in support of her. E.J. Rosetta, who describes herself as a "lesbian writer" and has bylines in various LGBT and leftwing publications, was asked to write an article about the famed children's book author J.K. Rowling's "transphobic" statements. But after several months of research reading her work, Rosetta came to the realization that she shared Rowling's position about the importance of protecting women's sex-based rights and took to Twitter to share her revelation.

Who isn't involved in the cover-up of the lab leak and early Covid spread?

I wrote recently about the origins of the pandemic and who knew what and when, noting that both the U.S. and China clearly knew about the virus earlier than they have admitted and both are still engaged in a cover-up of what really happened and what they knew. Here, after a brief recap, I want to look more closely at who isn't involved in the cover-up, or not entirely, and what that tells us. It's clear that China is covering up both the lab origin of the virus and early spread prior to December 2019. As a new report from independent research group DRASTIC, summarised in the Washington Post, reminds us, within hours of the first public announcement of "pneumonia of unknown origin" by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission on December 30th 2019, a second notice appeared warning "not to disclose information to the public without authorization". This lack of transparency continued, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issuing gag orders, punishing 'whistleblowers', hiding key Wuhan...

The Age of Dangerous Charlatans

Elon Musk, the prominent enfant terrible of the globalist set, never ceases to astonish. At the recent G20 business forum in Indonesia, prompted by no apparent motive related to the gathering, he declared that "maybe we will find alien civilisations or discover civilisations that existed millions of years ago." The bizarre announcement was delivered in a suitably mystical atmosphere, including an occult crystal bowl situated in the forefront, with Musk sitting in the dark, wearing a traditional Indonesian batik shirt and surrounded by candles as he offered a "vision" for the future that in addition to aliens also included deep tunnels and rocket tourism. There is no record of anyone in attendance asking Musk the obvious question: what qualifies him to speculate on these subjects? There is meagre information about Musk's education and accomplishments, if we exclude the widely known fact of his sudden, inexplicable, and spectacular enrichment, on a par with similar "success stories"...

'I don't want a war with Russia,' Polish leader pranked into thinking he was talking with Macron by infamous Russian hoaxers

Polish President Andrzej Duda has said that he is being "very careful" to avoid a war with Russia. The admission came during a call with pranksters who posed as French leader Emmanuel Macron. The conversation with Russian hoaxers Vovan and Lexus took place last Tuesday, the day a missile exploded in a Polish village near the border with Ukraine, killing two people. While Western media and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky hurried to blame the incident on Russia, Polish, US, and EU officials soon said that the missile was Ukrainian.

Is NATO falling apart?

Something quite amazing has just happened. Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences. Then the Turks launched a military operation against "Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria". Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists. What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run center for the training and education of PKK militants in Rojava. There are rumors that the Turks gave the US enough warning time to evacuate most of its personnel. Does that sound familiar? If it does, it is because it is very similar to what the Iranians did when they hit US bases in Iraq following the murder of General Solemani in a US drone strike. If the above is true, and rumors are very much "if" and cannot be considered as proven fact, then that means that a NATO member state (Turkey) just attacked a US base and, like Iran, got...

JFK Assassination: 59 years of lies still haven't buried the TRUTH

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was not assassinated with three shots from the book depository fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. And almost all of us know it. In opinion polls going back to November 29th 1963, just a week after the shooting, at least a sixty-percent majority has rejected the official line every single time. In short, regarding JFK, the "crazy conspiracy theorists" make up two-thirds of the population, and always have done. This is a good thing. A victory for truth in the face of stark odds, overcoming fifty-nine years of propaganda. It doesn't matter what you think of JFK the man - whether you believe he was trying to change things, or hail from the Chomsky school of "he was just like Obama" - the simple facts reflect he was killed by state agencies of his own government. It was a coup. We don't need to go into the details, it has been endlessly written about, on this site and a million others. Suffice it to say, nothing about the "official story" has ever made sense....

UN tells Ukraine to investigate video showing 'execution' of Russian POWs

Kiev says it will examine the clip, in which its servicemen appear to massacre prisoners. The UN's human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine has called on Kiev to probe a video that apparently shows the country's troops executing Russian prisoners of war. Moscow has said that killing captives is a "widespread practice" by Ukraine's armed forces. The UN body told the Associated Press on Saturday that it "is aware of the video and is looking into it," adding: "we reiterate our call that all such allegations should be properly and promptly investigated by respective authorities." The video itself surfaced on social media earlier this week. In it, a group of captured Russian servicemen are shown surrendering to Ukrainian troops and lying down on the ground, before a second clip shows their bodies lying motionless in pools of blood. Another clip with no sound purportedly shows a Russian soldier emerging from a building and opening fire on the Ukrainians, but it is unclear whether that...

Emmanuel Macron: "We need a single global order"

During a speech at the Apec summit in Bangkok, where world leaders gathered, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a "single global order." Macron made the comments while discussing the power interests of Russia and China and the threat of war. "We are in a jungle and we have two big elephants trying to become more and more nervous. If they become very nervous and start a war, it will be a big problem for the rest of the jungle. You need the cooperation of a lot of other animals, tigers, monkeys and so on. "Are you on the U.S. or the Chinese side? Because now, progressively, a lot of people would like to see that there are two orders in this world. This is a huge mistake, even for both the U.S. and China. "We need a single global order."

'Woke warfighters': GOP report claims Biden admin, Pentagon policies weakening military

Two Republican lawmakers say the Biden administration's "woke" policies on race, gender, anti-extremism and LGBTQ issues have enfeebled the US military. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) argued in the 18-page document Monday that the White House's "sustained assault fueled by woke virtue signaling" is "eroding our greatest source of security" in the world. "Our military's singular purpose is to 'provide for the common defense' of our nation. It cannot be turned into a left-wing social experiment. It cannot be paralyzed by fear of offending the sensibilities of Ivy League faculty lounges or progressive pundits." The report was meant to lay the groundwork for the lawmakers' forthcoming "Restoring Military Focus Act," which would eliminate the Pentagon's chief diversity officer position responsible for implementing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the DoD.

McCarthy set to bounce Democrats Schiff, Omar and Swalwell from House committees

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he will follow through with his pledge to kick Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota off the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the next Congress. Ms. Omar, who is losing her committee assignment because of her antisemitic rhetoric, is among a handful of Democrats whom Mr. McCarthy will boot from committees for various offenses. He is following a precedent set by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, in the current Congress. "I made another promise to you last time. There was this congresswoman, Ilhan Omar," Mr. McCarthy told attendees at a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Las Vegas on Saturday, eliciting boos from the crowd. "That's a rightful boo. I remember what she said about Israel. ... I remember it so much. I promised you last year that [when I am] speaker, she no longer would be on Foreign Affairs, and I'm keeping that promise."

The rise of epidemiological surveillance systems, for the good of health and security for all

In Australia, a team from the university of NSW (UNSW) has developed an AI-driven early warning detection system for epidemics, called EpiWatch. The system curates, prioritises, and filters incoming global data to capture and detect early epidemic signals. Essentially a risk analytic tool, which will help governments prioritise responses and stop early spread. The UNSW EpiWatch team anticipate 'many more pandemics will emerge, and are striving to provide an end-to-end solution that will help prevent the next pandemic and ensure health security for all.' The recent pandemic which started in 2020, witnessed in many countries the fast mobilisation of a raft of government responses that included; social distancing, fines, lockdowns, imprisonment, mask wearing, contact tracing and PCR testing. We must also not forget the relentless and heavy-handed campaign to take a provisionally approved experimental mRNA therapy, mandates and proof of vaccine certificates in order to work, have...

Steve Schmidt's ex-wife says he owes her over 5100K and wants him jailed for contempt

The ex-wife of Steve Schmidt, the disgraced Lincoln Project cofounder, has asked a Utah court to hold the liberal political operative in contempt of court for his failure to fork over money she claims he owes her, including for her interest in a membership at one of the priciest private clubs in the country, according to documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. A court order filed on Nov. 7, 2022, reveals that lawyers for Schmidt's ex-wife, Angela Schmidt, say that the man who reportedly talked of turning the anti-Trump Lincoln Project into a vehicle for "generational wealth" owes her for her part of a membership at the Glenwild Golf Club in Park City, Utah, which boasts that it is "as exclusive as it is desirable" and at one point counted Michael Jordan as a member. Angela Schmidt also says her ex-husband owes her $84,000 for "mortgage payments Stephen has failed to pay," and at least $50,000 for "$10,000 monthly payments Stephen has failed to pay Angela." Her attorneys...

UK's National Grid sparks panic by warning of imminent blackouts but then cancels

Panic was sparked this evening after National Grid warned of potential blackouts tonight before cancelling the notice. The automated alert warned that due to 'tight' capacity homes could lose power at around 7pm tonight. But the alert was later cancelled as electricity firm told consumers that there is enough power to keep the lights on tonight. The capacity market notice (CMN) was issued at 2.33pm this evening to be in effect from 7pm.

The lockdown cancer wave has only just begun

The underreported story of the entire pandemic is excess deaths — not from Covid, but from other health conditions which were so brutally pushed to one side. There have been huge rises in the number of people dying from causes unrelated to the virus, accelerating throughout the year and showing no signs of slowing down. To begin with, it was driven by diabetes, cardiac issues and a handful of other concerns — but recently the number of people dying from cancer is starting to increase considerably above what is expected. Will this continue? Nobody can say for sure, but I suspect it will for many years to come. When I outlined the scale of the cancer crisis previously on Twitter, various voices took great pleasure in pointing out that cancer deaths weren't rising — I don't hear from them anymore. Indeed, many of the more vocal lockdown commentators are actively drawing attention to the problem now. Cancer is slow, but it's relentless. An undiagnosed tumour won't cause severe...

UK restaurants going bankrupt at faster rate than during Covid lockdown, one-third could go bust by early 2023

UK restaurants are going bust at a faster rate than during the Covid crisis owing to a "toxic mix" of surging energy costs, staff shortages and falling bookings. Closures in the sector rose by 60%, with 1,567 insolvencies over 2021-22, up from 984 during 2020-21, according to a study by the advisory firm Mazars. The figure includes 453 over the past three months, up from 395 in the previous quarter. "Insolvencies of restaurant businesses are now happening at a far faster rate than during Covid," Rebecca Dacre, a partner at Mazars, said. "It is a very toxic mix of rising input costs, sharply rising finance costs and weak demand. Most restaurateurs have not seen this combination of negative factors before."

UK may need digital pound, calls for crypto to be regulated - BoE deputy governor

Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor at the Bank of England (BoE), said the U.K. may need a digital British pound as he discussed whether the collapse of crypto exchange FTX would influence the country's decision to issue a government-controlled digital currency. Although he initially thought there was no connection between the FTX debacle and the central bank's work on a central bank digital currency, Cunliffe said on Monday that he understands the concerns. "Over the past few days, I have had a few comments both to the effect that the collapse of FTX shows that we need to get on and issue a digitally native pound - and to the effect that FTX shows that we do not need do so," Cunliffe said at a conference at the Warwick Business School in Coventry, England.

Ice Age summers in Central Europe were at times significantly WARMER than previously thought, new research reveals

New method for determination of past climate data on land applied comparatively for the first time / Ice Age summers in Central Europe were at times warmer than previously known Scientists from an international research project led by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have applied a new method to reconstruct past climate. As they report in the current issue of Communications Earth & Environment, they have determined temperatures and precipitation during the last Ice Age, which peaked about 25,000 years ago, by analyzing earthworm granules. "The new method was discovered at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and further developed at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry," said Dr. Peter Fischer of JGU's Institute of Geography, who was the lead investigator of the TerraClime project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in which the study is embedded. "In cooperation with other scientists, including researchers from the University of Lausanne and...

New research reveals space debris, invisible meteors and near-Earth asteroids

In a new thesis from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics and Umeå University, unique methods for the analysis of radar data and simulations of meteoroids in the solar system are presented. The methods have been applied to confirm the existence of rare high-altitude meteors as well as to measure space debris from the Kosmos-1408 satellite. On November 25, Daniel Kastinen defends his doctoral thesis. "My primary goal has been to carefully analyze radar measurements of meteors and space debris and evaluate the precision of the measurements. This is to improve further analysis and use the results together with the new dynamical simulations. The work paves the way for future research and allows cross-disciplinary studies on meteors as well as on space debris and near-Earth asteroids", says Daniel Kastinen. Every day, 10-200 tons of material from space, consisting of dust- sized particles and larger pieces of material - meteoroids, fall into the Earth's atmosphere. These particles...

Elon Musk reveals personal reasons why he will never allow Alex Jones back on Twitter

Elon Musk has revealed the reason behind his decision to not reactivate the Twitter account of Alex Jones. During a brief interaction with another user on Twitter, Musk opened up about the death of his first son and doubled down on his decision to keep the controversial Infowars host off the social media platform. "My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat," Musk said in response to further questioning about Alex Jones' Twitter account being reinstated. "I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame."

Floods cause 6 deaths in Montenegro, Albania, Serbia

Heavy rain during the weekend was blamed for a number of deaths in Western Balkan countries, while in some towns transportation was affected and some schools were suspended in Serbia and Albania. In Montenegro, heavy rains caused flooding in northern and central parts and some local roads were cut off in the towns of Berane, Danilovgrad and Tuzi. On Sunday, police reported that three people drowned after their car was caught in the river near the capital, Podgorica. Rivers overflowed in the southwest of Serbia in the Raska region. The towns of Novi Pazar, Tutin and Prijepolje were heavily flooded and a two-year-old boy drowned near Tutin in the river Vidrenjak, swollen by several hours of rain. Primary and secondary schools in the Novi Pazar area were closed by the authorities, as large amounts of water were expected from the surrounding mountains during the night.

Rev. Al Sharpton gets giant raise, and his charity spends $1M on jets, limos

Rev. Al Sharpton's charity nearly doubled his compensation and also shelled out close to $300,000 for private jets so that he and other bigwigs could attend "important gatherings." The National Action Network paid Sharpton $348,174 in 2021 as its president and CEO and gave him a hefty bonus of $278,503 — plus $22,117 worth of benefits for total compensation of $648,794, its latest tax filing shows. The preacher's 2020 compensation came to $347,183, which did not include a bonus.

The truth about ivermectin

Ivermectin has been hailed as a "wonder drug" and, according to the UNESCO World Science Report, a critical component of "one of the most triumphant public health campaigns ever waged in the developing world." However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and affiliated health authorities have vociferously recommended against ivermectin as a potential treatment for the virus. Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ivermectin for human use in treating conditions caused by parasites, it has also insisted that ivermectin "has not been shown to be safe or effective" when it comes to treating COVID-19.

Wiarton area in Ontario saw over 120 cms (4 FEET) of snow during multi-day squall event

The multi-day snow event that blanketed most of Bruce and Grey counties left more than 120 centimetres of accumulation in the Wiarton area. Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson says the lake effect snow event brought squall activity to most of the region, but the Bruce Peninsula was most likely the hardest hit. The snow started falling last Thursday evening and intensified at different times over the next few days, before the heaviest stuff tapered off by Sunday evening. Coulson says the monitoring station at the Wiarton Keppel International Airport recorded somewhere between 120-125 centimetres had fallen during the multi-day weather event.

Arizona AG's Elections Integrity Unit demands response from Maricopa County over election delays, failures

The Elections Integrity Unit of the Arizona Attorney General's Office has reached out to Maricopa County officials to demand that they account for the issues surrounding the 2022 election procedures in the state's largest county. A letter from Attorney General Mark Brnovich's office to Maricopa County Attorney Thomas Liddy's office said that the AG's office received an excessive number of complaints, into the hundreds, regarding "issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County." These complaints included first-hand, witness accounts of alleged improprieties that led the Elections Integrity Unit to become concerned that Maricopa County was not in "lawful compliance with Arizona election law."

Conspicuous silence over fallen crypto king's Democratic ties

The story of FTX's downfall is complicated, convoluted, and unbelievably stupid. And the only thing dumber than the people who fell for a 27-year-old tech bro's promise of wealth and unimaginable riches has been the corporate press's coverage of the crypto exchange's implosion. The short of it is this: FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is almost certainly a conman and a thief. He opened a "bank" (a crypto exchange), accepted deposits of real money, helped himself to customers' deposits without their knowledge, and then distributed mountains of cash to friends and, more importantly, Democratic coffers. Indeed, Bankman-Fried ranked as the Democratic Party's second-biggest individual donor in the 2021-2022 election cycle, pumping an estimated $40 million into various Democratic campaigns and activist groups.

James Lindsay is back on Twitter after reversal of permanent ban

Author, mathematician, and cultural critic Dr. James Lindsay has been reinstated on Twitter on Monday, following several other high-profile figures being brought back to the platform under owner Elon Musk. "I don't know how I feel about this," Lindsay told The Post Millennial when asked about the reinstatement. "I don't think platforms like Twitter should be where the big conversations happen, but we have to work with the world as it is. Also, they need to free Dr Rollergator." Dr. Rollergator is an internet figure who analyzes "media narratives and power politics" according to his YouTube channel.

BEST OF THE WEB: Late heavy spring snowfall in Australia & New Zealand - foot of snow reported

There's been more snowfall for Australia and New Zealand just over a week until the start of meteorological summertime there. In Australia, where the2022 ski season ended in early October, the latest snowfalls, although among the heaviest yet, follow a series of regular dumps that have continued over the past month. Ski areas including Falls Creek (pictured below on 22 November), Mt Hotham (above) and Perisher reported 25-30cm (10-12") more snowfall in the past 24 hours.

First snowfall of the season in Scandinavia causes havoc on the roads

Denmark It was a snowy start of the week for parts of Denmark. Roads were slow as traffic jams were reported during the first snowfall of the season. The Island of Møn received around 20 centimetres of the white stuff on Sunday However, it won't last for long as the weather will turn in the next few days, for most of the country, bringing rain.

Dead fin whale found on Monterey State Beach, California

Monterey Bay State Parks said they received word of a dead whale at Monterey State Beach on Saturday. Marine Biologist with Monterey Bay Whale Watch, Colleen Talty, believes the whale was hit by a large ship based on the whale's body. "My theory based on the curve in the body is most likely it was hit by a large ship, so possibly a cargo ship, unfortunately, and then it ended up washing up," said Talty. "It was actually out in the bay right next to Monterey harbor for about a day and a half, and then it washed up on the beach. This guy was mostly struck out in the shipping lanes." Talty also said the whale is a fin whale, the second largest whale species. The young whale was estimated to be 40-50 feet long, adults can get up to around 80 feet. Talty added that shark bites were visible on the whale's carcass, likely from a great white, but she isn't sure.

Videos showing execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine are authentic - NYT

The clips suggest captive troops were "killed at close range," the American newspaper insists. The New York Times says it has verified the authenticity of videos that surfaced online last week, showing the execution of captive Russian soldiers by Ukrainian troops. The men "appear to have been shot dead at close range," according to the newspaper. The events shown in the clips occurred in the village of Makeyevka in the People's Republic of Lugansk, earlier this month, the newspaper reported on Sunday. "The videos... whose authenticity has been verified by The New York Times, offer a rare look into one gruesome moment among many in the war, but do not show how or why the Russian soldiers were killed," the NYT wrote, adding that what actually happened to the soldiers remains "a mystery."

Buildings damaged and power lost after shallow magnitude 7 and 6 earthquakes hit Solomon Islands

Buildings were left damaged and widespread power outages reported in the Solomons Island capital, Honiara, after two earthquakes struck just off the south-west coast on Tuesday. The first magnitude 7.0 earthquake briefly triggered a tsunami warning from the United States Geological Survey, but this warning was withdrawn soon after. A second quake, with a magnitude of 6.0, struck nearby 30 minutes later. Power was out in some areas of Honiara and Solomon Islands Broadcasting said in a statement that all radio services were off air. The Australian prime minister, Anthony Albanese, said the roof of the Australian high commission annexe in Honiara had collapsed, "which points to likely damage throughout the city".

Putin's Sledgehammer

"The Ukrainians are in bad shape... It won't be long before the Ukrainians run out of food. It won't be long before they freeze... They have done all that we can reasonably expect them to do. It's time to negotiate.... before the offensive begins, because once it begins, there will be no further discussion between Moscow and Kiev until it is over to the satisfaction of the Russians." Colonel Douglas MacGregor, "War in Ukraine; Quiet Before the Storm", 15 minute-mark "Strictly speaking, we haven't started anything yet." Russian President Vladimir Putin The relentless attacks on Ukraine's electrical grid, fuel-storage units, railway hubs, and Command-and-Control centers mark the beginning of a second and more lethal phase of the war. The increased tempo of the high-precision, long-range missile attacks suggests that Moscow is laying the groundwork for a major winter offensive that will be launched as soon as Russia's 300,000 reservists join their formations in east Ukraine. Kiev's...

They will try to lock you down again

The lords of lockdown barely escaped their worst possible fate, namely that the topic would become the national and international source of scandal that it should be. And let's add the vaccine mandates here too: even if such had been morally justified, which they were not, there is absolutely no practical reason for them at all. To have imposed both of these within the course of one year - with zero evidence that they achieved anything for public health and vast amounts of unfolding evidence that they ruined life quality for countless millions - qualifies as a scandal for the ages. It was in the US but also in nearly every country in the world but a few. Might that have huge political implications? One would suppose so. And yet today it appears that truth and justice are further off than ever. The most passionate of the anti-lockdown governors - those who never locked down or opened earlier than the rest of the country - won on their record. Most of the rest joined the entire...

Forum Conversation: Norman Fenton on the revelations of pandemic data

Forum: Norman Fenton, welcome to the Forum Conversation. The analysis you've done over the last few years gives incredible insight into what actually unfolded during the pandemic. Before we discuss those findings, can you help us understand how you apply your knowledge to evaluating information outside of your area of expertise, including medical data? Fenton: For many years I've collaborated intensively with clinical experts in different medical domains. For example, before the COVID crisis, I was the principal investigator of a large project funded by the United Kingdom Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Our group uses Bayesian statistical methods, where available knowledge and expertise are combined with data to help improve decision-making for prognosis and diagnosis of chronic medical conditions. We analyzed data for specific conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, chronic heart failure, pelvic floor syndrome and multiple sclerosis, and worked with...

Russia not seeking a 'change of power' in Kiev - Kremlin

Russia is not seeking to depose the current Ukrainian government, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has revealed. He has also expressed confidence that Moscow will achieve its goals in the country, without specifying what they are. When asked by Russian journalists on Monday whether the Kremlin sees regime change in Kiev as one of its military campaign's objectives, Peskov replied "No, the president has already spoken about that." The official went on to stress that Russia was determined to achieve its goals in Ukraine, which can be done "by various methods and in various formats."

UN claims there 'no way to determine' where recent bombing on Zaporozhye nuclear plant came from

The UN doesn't have the capability to identify those behind the attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (ZNPP), a spokesman for the secretary-general said on Monday. Russia has called on the International Atomic Energy Agency to do its job properly and acknowledge that the shelling came from the Ukrainian side. Around 30 projectiles struck the ZNPP over the weekend, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The nuclear energy corporation Rosatom said the damage caused to the facility's spent fuel storage came close to triggering a disaster. Moscow said it was clear the fire came from the Ukrainian-held town of Marganets, but the IAEA has avoided naming any names. "We have no way to determine" who carried out the attacks, Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, told reporters on Monday.

Entire gender industry based on failed study that disproved scientist's theory: Psychiatrist

With schools teaching sex and gender ideology beginning in kindergarten, the Biden administration encouraging early medical treatments for gender dysphoria, and social media influencers discussing the topic, a record number of adolescent girls believe they are transgender and are transitioning to live as males. Concerned adults are sounding the alarm on the lack of scientific studies to support transgender medical treatments that permanently alter a young person's physiology and leave their mental health issues unresolved. Child and adolescent psychiatrist Miriam Grossman, who has been a mental health professional for 40 years, said the gender industry is built on the lies of one troubled psychologist. "The person who came up with the theory was Dr. John Money, and he came up with this idea that a person's biology — their body, their chromosomes — is completely separate from their feeling of whether they are male or female," Grossman said during a Sept. 23 interview for EpochTV's...

More weapons for Ukraine needed before peace talks - NATO chief

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia will likely end in negotiations, which is why Kiev needs to be supplied with more weapons, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has claimed. "We all want this war to end," Stoltenberg said in his speech at the 68th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid on Monday, adding that it matters to the US-led military bloc how exactly the conflict concludes. "We need to realize that this war most likely will end at some stage at the negotiating table. But we must also know that the outcome of those negotiations totally depends on strength on the battlefield," the NATO chief argued.

BEST OF THE WEB: 'All the real skinheads went to Ukraine': An American Neo-Nazi outlines the crimes of his Ukrainian 'colleagues'

Earlier this month, Juan Sinmiedo, who runs a popular Telegram channel documenting human rights abuses in Ukraine, published an explosive interview with 'Boneface' - real name Kent McLellan - a 32-year-old Neo-Nazi from Florida who joined the fascist volunteer Right Sector group during the Donbass war, and returned to fight alongside the Azov Battalion in January 2022. The discussion with McLellan shatters many myths and lies that have been circulated about the Maidan coup, the current conflict in Ukraine, and the disturbingly strong influence of nationalist movements within the country. McLellan, the son of the front man of Neo-Nazi rock band Brutal Attack, got involved with far-right activism while just a teenager, and had numerous run-ins with the law for subversive, racially-charged activities. He and other members of the racist organization American Front were detained by the FBI in May 2012, for preparing terrorist acts against ethnic minorities in Florida.

Serbia-Kosovo negotiations 'a failure' - media

EU-sponsored talks between Serbia and its breakaway region of Kosovo have flopped, the country's media outlets reported on Monday, citing diplomatic sources. The negotiations, in Brussels, came ahead of a new deadline for implementing Pristina's controversial plan to phase-out Serbian license plates, which is firmly opposed by Belgrade "The solution that has been proposed nullified the Brussels Agreement, which Serbia cannot accept," an unnamed source told the newspaper Blic. "It seems that difficult and uncertain days await us, especially in the north of Kosovo and Metohija."

Liberals united of the collective West marching onward in their Gleichschaltung saga

From the looks of things we seem to be living in an age of serious oversimplification of history by the Liberals United of the Collective West or perhaps it has always been so? We are surely living in very turbulent times because all around us there is a plethora of overwhelming political issues which call for longstanding debates on all sides Take, for example, all those insinuations spread by the "Putin paranoia" peddling tabloids that Vladimir Putin lost "his" war in Ukraine surpass anything imaginable. If one only listens attentively and tries to count the number of times Western puppet-like leaders parroting the semantic abracadabra collocation "Putin's war, Putin's war, Putin's war" as if it were the Sound and the Fury's Benjamin Benjy Comson muttering his feeble-minded thoughts in each and every of them. Now the pulp fiction tabloids came up with yet another unintelligent idea aka psyop, for the gullible masses of the West, to shovel into the headlines that both GRU and CIA...

Election fraud 2.0! O.k., so what are you gonna do about it?

"All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us...they can't get away this time." --Chesty Puller, United States Marines Only in politics could 2022 players be surprised by the "innovation" of a mail-in ballot-led strategy exactly the same as was used in 2020. If more than 20 million people watched Dinesh D'Souza's documentary, 2,000 Mules, why didn't candidates prepare for phantom voters? Political people are really stupid. In 2020, Democrats set up corner mail-in ballot drop boxes, harvested thousands of floating ballots, and live, on video tape, dropped them off at ballot-gathering stations. In 2022, only the Republican Party, truly The Stupid Party, could be caught flat-footed with its opponents doing exactly the same thing, exactly the same way, at full scale, on video, again. It is exasperating to listen to the moaning in Arizona where the Maricopa County election fraud factory did precisely the same thing in 2022 as it did in...