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Hier — 30 juin 2022En Anglais

Fighting to the last Ukrainian: Biden's proxy war of attrition has become an unmitigated disaster

Russian forces are, to put it bluntly, mopping the floor with the Ukrainian military. Moscow is methodically sweeping up vast amounts of territory in the country's east, as the Ukrainians remain badly outgunned and outmaneuvered by a superior army. Despite that reality, the Zelensky government's western allies all agree that now is not the time to negotiate an end to this conflict. Not only has the economic war against Russia been an unmitigated disaster, but the kinetic proxy war is achieving similar results. The Biden Administration and its NATO partners have decided, from a comfortable distance away from the fight, that millions of Ukrainian lives are a price worth paying to make sure the band stays together, with the side benefit of chipping away at Russia's military. The longer the war, the better. They've already allocated some $100 billion to the fight (much of it seemingly missing), with endless billions more to come, and have grand plans to spin up the military industrial...

Clarence Thomas and the racism of the woke elites

Why has Clarence Thomas become the target of so much flak following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v Wade? It's because he's black. It's because, as someone with black skin, he is not meant to hold conservative views on issues like abortion. In the eyes of the furious woke agitators who are haranguing Thomas even more than they are the other Roe-sceptical justices, he has not only made a bad legal decision - he has also betrayed his race. His sin is twofold: he has undermined the right to abortion and he has failed in his racial duty to nod unquestioningly along to every 'progressive' idea. He's a racial transgressor, a bad black man, and therefore he must be reprimanded even more severely than the white folk on the Supreme Court. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the scourge of woke racism.

What NATO's new strategic concept means for China

During the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) latest summit in Madrid, the alliance cobbled together its first "strategic concept" document since 2010. Predictably, it names Russia as the most crucial threat to allies' security - but, for the first time, it mentions China as a point of concern. While it stopped short of the provocative rhetoric of some member states, NATO's mention of China is still significant. In its "Strategic Environment" assessment, NATO dedicated an entire paragraph, point 13, to China. It said that China's "stated ambitions and coercive policies challenge our interests, security and values. The PRC employs a broad range of political, economic and military tools to increase its global footprint and project power, while remaining opaque about its strategy, intentions and military build-up. The PRC's malicious hybrid and cyber operations and its confrontational rhetoric and disinformation target Allies and harm Alliance security. The PRC seeks to...

Patrick Lawrence: Who should control foreign policy?

Proposing that foreign policy be subjected to democratic processes is a call, essentially, to revolution. I had a letter in the mail the other week from someone named Barry Klein, who resides in Houston. I filed it knowing I would write about it, and now I shall. Klein runs a group called "Wars without end?" read the accordion brochure Klein sent. "Americans on the left and right are uniting to ask, Why? A call to reform U.S. foreign policy." This guy has endorsements that glow in the dark. Dan Ellsberg, Andy Bacevich, Sharon Tennison, Gordon Adams, Larry Wilkerson and Peter Kuznick: These are big names in the alternative foreign policy business. Klein included a one-sheet flier with the Foreign Policy Alliance prospectus. "How to immediately spur a movement to stop the proxy war in Ukraine," is the headline. Good enough, but what stopped me cold was a Post-It note Klein stuck in the right-hand corner. "A strategy to make foreign policy a local issue," he...

Supreme Court limits EPA in curbing power plant emissions

In a blow to the fight against climate change, the Supreme Court on Thursday limited how the nation's main anti-air pollution law can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. By a 6-3 vote, with conservatives in the majority, the court said that the Clean Air Act does not give the Environmental Protection Agency broad authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that contribute to global warming. The decision, said environmental advocates and dissenting liberal justices, was a major step in the wrong direction — "a gut punch," one prominent meteorologist said — at a time of increasing environmental damage attributable to climate change amid dire warnings about the future. The court's ruling could complicate the administration's plans to combat climate change. Its detailed proposal to regulate power plant emissions is expected by the end of the year. Though the decision was specific to the EPA, it was in line with the conservative majority's...

France records highest inflation rate for decades

Consumer prices in France have been growing at their highest rate in over three decades, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing data from state statistics agency INSEE. According to the report, EU-harmonized preliminary inflation in the country increased by 0.8% in June from the month prior, driving annual inflation to 6.5%, its highest level since 1991. The figures marked the second month in a row in which inflation has reached record highs since France began using the EU's calculation methods in the early 1990s. Meanwhile, the country's national consumer price index was somewhat lower, but still up at 5.8% year-on-year from 5.2% in May. INSEE specified that inflation is mostly being driven by increasing energy prices (up 33.1% year-on-year and 5.3% month-on-month) and food prices (up 5.7% year-on-year and 1.4% month-on-month). However, prices in other spheres have somewhat stabilized, the agency says, with services inflation remaining at 3.2% since May, while manufactured goods...

They're coming for your backyard chickens...

Since the "bird flu outbreak" first hit the headlines OffG has been predicting how the inevitable agenda would unfold. The first impact was as obvious as it was predictable - the price of chicken and eggs went up, this was just another front in the war on food. The second planned impact was less immediate, but just as predictable if you know how to read the media, and potentially far more harmful in the longterm - clamping down on alternative chicken farming. This includes both organic farms and individuals keeping their own chickens in their garden. It didn't take long for the media to prove us right. In fact the Guardian has done it twice in the last ten days.

Putin speaks about Ukraine during first foreign trip since February

Russia's objectives in Ukraine have not changed, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained on Wednesday during a press conference in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The president clarified that while the goals stay the same, the tactics used to achieve them may change according to what the military considers appropriate. However, he insisted that "everything is going according to plan." "Nothing has changed," Putin insisted, saying the final goal is "to liberate Donbass, to protect these people and to create conditions that would guarantee the safety of Russia itself. That's it." "I'm not talking about deadlines, I never do, because that's life, this is reality. Imposing deadlines is wrong, because it is related to the intensity of fighting, and the intensity is directly linked to the possible casualties. And we have to first and foremost think about preserving the lives of our guys," he said.

Mother recounts losing her 6-year-old daughter in Donbass to Ukraine shelling

RT's video news agency Ruptly spoke to Nina Grebennikova, the mother of the six-year-old girl Alina who was killed last week in Donbass. The girl was fatally wounded when the Ukrainian military shelled the city of Makeevka, located just to the northeast of the city of Donetsk. On the day of the deadly shelling, Nina with her husband and their three daughters, as well as her neighbor with her three children, went for a walk in a garden located near a local school. "It's just, you know, they are shooting everywhere - we didn't know where to take a walk with the kids. And at that time there was an explosion," Nina says.

Fed-up Texas sheriff drives 4 migrants back to border to deport them

A Texas sheriff personally drove four illegal immigrants he'd apprehended back to the US-Mexico border to deport them, insisting he's been left with no choice given the current border crisis. Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe told the Epoch Times the migrants were discovered after a suspected smuggling vehicle his deputies were pursuing crashed on Wednesday morning. Five illegal immigrants were found inside the vehicle, including a woman who had to be taken to hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The sheriff said Border Patrol agents had told him they could only apprehend the four other migrants if they'd been medically assessed at a hospital first.

Musician R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison in sex trafficking case

Disgraced R&B superstar R. Kelly was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison, months after he was convicted on all nine counts in a high-profile sex trafficking case. U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly handed down the sentence in Brooklyn, New York, after several of Kelly's victims angrily addressed him at the hearing. Donnelly minced no words as she threw the book at once-beloved performer. "You were a person who had great advantages — worldwide fame and celebrity and untold money," she said. "You took advantage of their hopes and dreams, holding teenagers in your house trapped. You were at the top of your organization, and you raped and beat them, separated them from their families and forced them to do unspeakable things."

Putin authorized a major POW swap with Ukraine

Russia has confirmed that 144 Ukrainian soldiers have been handed over to Kiev, in exchange for the same number of Russian prisoners, saying the decision was approved by President Vladimir Putin. The exchange took place on Wednesday and was "organized and carried out on the direct orders of the Supreme Commander of the Russia Armed Forces," Russia's Defense Ministry spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, said on Thursday. The order was given by Putin because "the lives, the health, the release of our servicemen, the fighters of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, who make up the majority of those returned, is the most important task," Konashenkov said.

World Economic Forum banner slips, revealing HYDRA logo

GENEVA — The World Economic Forum experienced a major blunder during a recent symposium when the institution's banner slipped, revealing the tentacled HYDRA logo. The blooper occurred during a symposium in which a small number of elite intellectuals discussed enslaving and depopulating the earth as a humane method for reducing climate change. Attendees initially felt shock after seeing the six-tentacled HYDRA logo floating above the heads of Professor Klaus Schwab and his associates. But after seeing Schwab continue to drone on about the imperative to control world governments as a means to achieve the group's agenda, the attendees realized the unnerving logo made perfect sense.

Even Politico admits G7 summit showed club's impotence and increasing irrelevance

In Germany, seven rich countries offered underwhelming solutions to problems of the world they don't represent, the outlet argued This year's G7 leaders' summit in Germany was described as a great disappointment by Politico, which compared the meeting's results to Swiss cheese due to "gaping holes". Even the first spouses mostly ignored it, showing the irrelevance of the meeting, it argued. The US-based German-owned news outlet blasted German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his guests from Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US for being out of touch and lacking long-term perspective. "In a world of interlocking crises, a few rich democracies cannot on their own provide the solutions the world needs anymore," it said, arguing that G20 was a more suitable forum for tackling global challenges.

Did Rockefeller Foundation predict the future?

It seems nothing escapes the prophetic minds of the self-proclaimed designers of the future. They accurately foresee "natural disasters" and foretell coincidental "acts of God." They know everything before it happens. Perhaps they truly are prophets. Or, perhaps they're simply describing the inevitable outcomes of their own actions. Right now, we're told looming food shortages are primarily the result of climate change and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Yet, back in July 2020, The Rockefeller Foundation had already predicted it, and was calling for a revamp of the food system as a whole to address it.

Caving: Supreme Court rules Biden can end Trump 'Remain in Mexico' policy

In a major win for the Biden White House, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the administration properly ended the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy, which has forced many asylum seekers to wait south of the US border for their immigration hearings. The 5-4 majority, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, found that the Department of Homeland Security's Oct. 29 memo terminating the policy was final. "Nothing prevents an agency from undertaking new agency action while simultaneously appealing an adverse judgment against its original action. That is particularly so under the circumstances of this case," Roberts wrote in the court's opinion, which was joined by fellow conservative Brett Kavanaugh and liberals Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

Scottish Parliament votes to make Covid 'emergency powers' permanent

Yesterday, Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) voted to make some the emergency measures - initially instated to "combat the pandemic" - permanent features of Scottish law. Originally passed in March 2020, the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act established all sorts of powers never before claimed by the devolved parliament. Now it is rebranded as the "Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) (Scotland) Bill", and codifies a number of those "emergency" powers into permanent law. These powers include permanently conducting criminal trials over video-link, registering deaths remotely, and other practices wide open to corruption. Others grant parliament (or health bodies) the power to "restrict or prohibit access in respect of the whole or a specified part of an educational establishment or of relevant premises", as well as "make different provision for different purposes (for example, for different descriptions of people attending an educational establishment)" For those who haven't learned...

Flash floods leave Obuasi in Ghana underwater

Flash floods hit Obuasi in Ashanti, Ghana on June 29th 2022. Heavy rain caused flash floods, causing disruption throughout the area. Sewers overflowed, as drains failed to handle the volume of water. Houses were flooded, with possessions destroyed or washed away by the water. Roads were blocked by water, making travel impossible and isolating areas. As flood water subsided, streets were filled with debris and mud.

The West's futile folly: Sanctions against Russia haven't worked in the past and won't work in the future

Russians feel the impact of Western economic measures, but it's far from unbearable The Russian economy is currently experiencing unprecedented pressure from a group of countries led by the United States, with more than 10,000 sanctions imposed on the country, its citizens, and companies. Never before has such a volume of penalties been imposed on any one country. Even Iran, which has been the West's geopolitical punching bag for many years now, is "only" subject to about 3,600. Sanctions pressure on Russia has been growing since 2014, when key sectors of the economy - energy, the military-industrial complex, and the financial sector - were targeted. Since then, the country's citizens have learned to distinguish between the dire predictions associated with sanctions and the tangible results of their implementation. While, in 2015, about 60% of Russians didn't believe sanctions had any impact on their lives, by 2020, almost 90% said they felt no effects. In short, people adjusted...

Russia announces "goodwill" withdrawal from Ukraine's Snake Island to free up grain exports

Russia has taken a major step in trying to demonstrate to Western powers that it's serious about freeing up grain passage off Ukraine's coast and in the Black Sea, with on Thursday its military announcing the complete withdrawal of forces from Ukraine's Snake Island. The Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) said in a statement that the purpose is to free the passage of Ukraine's grain exports in a "goodwill" measure. "On June 30, as a step of goodwill, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation completed their tasks on the Snake Island and withdrew from the garrison stationed there," the MoD said. "Thus, it was demonstrated to the world community that the Russian Federation does not hinder the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of Ukraine," it stated further.

The parallel realities of life in Pfizerworld

So my long-expected excommunication from the free speech platform, Twitter, has finally taken place. I have appealed to them as to which rules I broke on their free speech platform, because they haven't actually told me yet which rules I broke on their free speech platform. How's a chap able to amend his ways if he's not even told which misdemeanors he's guilty of? As far as I can recall, I only put out three or four Tweets in the last 24 hours, so it was likely one of them. One of them was speculating on the possibility that the leaders of the G7 nations might be agents of the Kremlin, since every time they put more sanctions on Russia, the Ruble strengthens. Another was an admonition of Elmo from Sesame Street for promoting a dangerous medical product to little children. Another asked the question of what one might expect to happen if millions of people were injected with a product that causes: The depletion of the immune system by the destruction of T-cellsThe expression of...

Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson after he tweets 'Ellen Page just had her breasts removed'

Twitter suspended famed psychologist Jordan Peterson's account after he tweeted about a transgender surgery performed on Elliot Page, nee Ellen Page, former Oscar-nominated actress. Peterson's daughter Mikhaila tweeted at Elon Musk, "Wow. @jordanbpeterson got a twitter strike. No more twitter until he deletes the tweet. Definitely not a free speech platform at the moment. @elonmusk." In the tweet prompting Twitter's suspension, Peterson wrote, "Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician." Twitter wrote that Peterson had violated its rules for "hateful conduct," apparently because he used Page's given name; Page now goes by Elliott. He also referred to Page as "her," thus implying Page is a woman. Comment: How "hateful." The paramorality of the trans mass formation is ubiquitous, and absurd. She's a woman, and grownups don't play make believe.

'Mystery rocket' that crashed into the Moon baffles NASA scientists

So far, no space exploring nations have claimed responsibility for the rocket. NASA has discovered the crash site of a "mystery rocket body" that collided with the Moon's surface earlier this year. The impact left behind a widespread "double crater," meaning it wasn't the average rocket. However, since its crash landing, none of Earth's space-exploring nations have claimed responsibility for the mysterious projectile, leaving NASA scientists baffled as to who was behind its launch. New images shared on June 24 by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show the unusual impact site.

Putin hits back at Johnson's woman remarks, points to Thatcher's Falklands war

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday rejected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's charge that if he were a woman he would not have invaded Ukraine. Speaking at a news conference in the early hours of Thursday during a visit to Turkmenistan, Putin pointed to former British leader Margaret Thatcher's decision to send troops into the Falklands as a rebuttal of Johnson's theory. Johnson on Wednesday dubbed Putin's decision to launch what Moscow calls a "special military operation" against Ukraine a "perfect example of toxic masculinity" and mocked Putin's macho posturing. Comment: Woke pandering. This is the quality of British leadership. Hitting back, Putin told reporters: "I just want to recall the events of recent history, when Margaret Thatcher decided to launch military operations against Argentina for the Falkland Islands. So, a woman took the decision to launch military action. "Therefore it's not an entirely accurate reference from the British Prime Minister to what...

Legend: Putin claps back at world leaders, says they would look 'disgusting' topless

Russia's Vladimir Putin took a swipe at Western leaders who mocked his bare-chested horse-riding, saying that they would look "disgusting" in the buff. The Kremlin strongman made the snarky comment during a visit to the Russia-friendly Central Asian republic of Turkmenistan Thursday when asked about G7 leaders poking fun at him earlier this week. As they sat down for talks in the German Alps, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson quipped that G7 leaders could take their clothes off to "show that we're tougher than Putin" and "show them our pecs."

FLASHBACK: 110 years on since the Tunguska event, we're still no more prepared for cometary impact

It was nothing of this earth, but a piece of the great outside; and as such dowered with outside properties and obedient to outside laws. -The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft At 7:15 on the morning of June 30, 1908, something happened in the sky above the Stony Tunguska (Podkamennaya Tunguska) river in Siberia. Many thousand people in a radius of 900 miles observed the Tunguska event and more than 700 accounts were collected later. The reports describe a fireball in the sky, larger or similar to the size of the sun, a series of explosions "with a frightful sound", followed by shaking of the ground as "the earth seemed to get opened wide and everything would fall in the abyss. Terrible strokes were heard from somewhere, which shook the air []." The indigenous Evenks and Yakuts believed a god or shaman had sent the fireball to destroy the world. Various meteorological stations in Europe recorded both seismic and atmospheric waves. Days later strange phenomena were observed in...

8 dead, 23 missing after massive landslide in Manipur, India

At least eight people were killed and 13 others injured after a massive landslide hit a town in western Manipur's Noney district. The incident took place at Tupul yard railway construction camp on Wednesday night. Many of those killed belonged to the terrirtorial army who guarded a major railway line construction site, officials said. The landslide also obstructed the flow of a river, creating a dam-like water body that could lead to flooding if the debris are removed, leading to a complex environmental disaster. The obstructed flow of Ijei river, which has led to a dam-like structure, could flood low-lying areas if the situation worsens. The officer has asked Noney residents to take precautions and not let children go near the river.

Bangladesh - Severe floods in north affect 4.2 million and displace 90,000 - death toll rises to 92 (UPDATE)

Humanitarian agencies in Bangladesh report that more than 4.3 million people have been exposed to the flooding currently affecting wide areas in the north east of the country. Rivers in Sylhet Division have flooded for the second time in a few weeks. "The flooding is the worst in 122 years in the Sylhet region," said Atiqul Haque, Director General of Bangladesh's Department of Disaster Management, Reuters reported. Wide areas of Sunamganj and Sylhet districts in Sylhet Division are submerged. Damage to roads has left Sunamganj disconnected from the rest of the country. Road links to Sylhet district have also been damaged and railway operations suspended. The Government has deployed Army, Navy and Coast Guard teams to conduct search and rescue operations. Other affected districts are Habiganj, Brahmanbaria, Maulvibazar, Netrakona and Kishoreganj.

The snow goes on as Alberta skiing resort reopens in the middle of summer

Most Canadians have broken out the flip-flops by now, but skiers can still wear their ski boots at Banff Sunshine Village. The resort has reopened for some summertime skiing because it still has plenty of snow. It's the first time in more than 30 years that it has opened this late in the ski season, and only the second time in the resort's nearly 100 years of operation, with the hope to keep it operating through the Canada Day weekend. Heather Yourex-West has more.

Beaches closed after fatal shark attack in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Beaches in Plettenberg Bay have been closed following a fatal shark attack that occurred on Tuesday afternoon. One person died after he was attacked by a shark in Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape at 2pm. The National Sea Rescue Institute confirmed the incident. "Plettenberg Bay duty crew were activated following witness reports of a shark incident involving a swimmer at Sanctuary Beach, on the Robberg side of Robberg 5, Plettenberg Bay. NSRI rescue swimmers responded directly to the scene and 2 NSRI rescue craft were launched," said NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon. "On arrival on the scene the body of an adult male, believed to be a local man, was located and recovered from the water, at the back surf line, on to an NSRI rescue craft. The body was brought to the NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue station," he added.

California Attorney General leaks private data of thousands of gun owners

On Monday, the personal details of thousands of California gun owners were leaked via the 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal, a website set up by the state's Department of Justice to "improve transparency and information sharing for firearms-related data." On Wednesday, Gun Owners of California fired back, condemning Attorney General Rob Bonta for allowing the leak to take place. The group, which describes itself as being "dedicated to the unequivocal defense of the 2nd Amendment, and America's extraordinary heritage of firearm ownership," released a statement to FOX News.

White House forced to dismiss idea of abortion tents in national parks

There are "actually dangerous ramifications to doing this." Following repeated calls by Democrats for pop up abortion centres to be instituted on federal owned land, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted that any such move would likely put women and providers at risk of prosecution. As we noted yesterday, the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have called for the Biden administration to immediately implement federal abortion services, with Warren suggesting tents could be erected in national parks.

Train carrying Ukrainian grain overturns in Romania - third derailment of critical goods in recent months

According to Romanian media, 11 empty wagons of a train carrying grain from Ukraine to the port of Constanta overturned. On Wednesday, June 29 , in the Romanian county of Iasi, a train derailed, which was returning after transporting Ukrainian grain to the port of Constanta. According to the Romanian Railways, the incident occurred at 6 pm. As a result, 11 train cars fell down a slope. This is reported by Clubferoviar. The train with 32 empty wagons of Ukrzaliznytsia was returning to the Kristest station from the port of Constanta, where it delivered Ukrainian grain. Between Syrka and Podu Iloaia stations, it derailed, after which the movement of rail transport on both lines was blocked. It is reported that the cause of the accident was the poor condition of the railway infrastructure, one of the possible reasons is also called the malfunction of Soviet-made cars. Comment: The claimed cause is notable 'Soviet-era made cars'; which, up until now, have apparently functioned without...

Sudan's military strikes disputed region bordering Ethiopia

Sudan's armed forces fired heavy artillery during clashes in the disputed eastern region of al-Fashaqa bordering Ethiopia, an Ethiopian official said, the latest salvo in a long-running feud over their shared border. Sudan was able to capture Jabal Kala al-Laban, an area near the contested border, on Tuesday following an artillery barrage and an air raid, according to an anonymous Sudanese military source speaking to Reuters news agency. On Monday, Ethiopia denied Sudan's accusation that its army had captured and executed seven Sudanese soldiers and a civilian, instead blaming the killings on a local fighter group.

Meteor fireball over New York and other states on June 29

We received 30 reports about a fireball seen over CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, Ontario, PA, Québec and VT on Wednesday, June 29th 2022 around 01:46 UT. For this event, we received 2 videos and 2 photos.

Taiwan rebuffs Philippines complaint over South China Sea live-fire drills

Taiwan on Wednesday (June 29) rebuffed a complaint from the Philippines about live-fire drills around a Taiwan-controlled island deep in the South China Sea, saying it had the right to do so and always issues a warning of its exercises. The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, in a message on Twitter late on Tuesday, lodged a "strong objection over the unlawful live-fire drills" to be carried out by Taiwan this week around the island, known internationally as Itu Aba. Taiwan calls the island Taiping and the Philippines calls it Ligaw Island.

Zelenskiy asks NATO allies for modern heavy weapons, more financial support

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has told NATO leaders that his country needs more advanced heavy weapons and additional financial support to stave off Russia's unprovoked invasion, warning that Moscow's ambitions won't stop with Ukraine. "We need to break the Russian artillery advantage...We need much more modern systems, modern artillery," Zelenskiy told a NATO summit in Madrid via a video link on June 29, adding that financial support was "no less important than aid with weapons." "This is not a war being waged by Russia against only Ukraine. This is a war for the right to dictate conditions in Europe -- for what the future world order will be like," Zelenskiy said.

India's top cement maker paying for Russian coal in Chinese yuan, bypassing sanctions and the US dollar

India's biggest cement producer, UltraTech Cement ULTC.NS, is importing a cargo of Russian coal and paying using Chinese yuan, according to an Indian customs document reviewed by Reuters, a rare payment method that traders say could become more common. UltraTech is bringing in 157,000 tonnes of coal from Russian producer SUEK that loaded on the bulk carrier MV Mangas from the Russian Far East port of Vanino, the document showed. It cites an invoice dated June 5 that values the cargo at 172,652,900 yuan ($25.81 million). Two trade sources familiar with the matter said the cargo's sale was arranged by SUEK's Dubai-based unit, adding that other companies have also placed orders for Russian coal using yuan payments.

Moscow-Imposed administration plans referendum in Ukraine's Kherson on joining Russia

The Moscow-installed military administration ruling the area around the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson said it is preparing to hold a referendum on joining Russia. "Yes, we are preparing for a referendum -- and we will hold it," Kirill Stremoussov, the deputy head of Kherson's military and civil administration, said in a video published on Telegram.

NATO chief Stoltenberg calls climate change a 'crisis multiplier' in issuing net-zero pledge on greenhouse gases

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the military alliance will commit to reaching net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050. "NATO is determined to set the gold standard on discussing the security challenges of climate change," Stoltenberg said Tuesday in Spain's capital as world leaders arrived for two days of talks.

Footage reveals ballot traffickers forging signatures and trafficking ballots but RINO AG Brnovich dropped forgery charges

New footage released by Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake and mule-buster Gary Snyder reveals ballot Mules in San Luis, Arizona forging signatures on ballot envelopes and preparing to cast illegal votes in the 2020 stolen election. This same footage was provided to the Arizona Attorney General BEFORE the 2020 General Election and he did nothing about it. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that San Luis residents Gary Snyder and David Lara busted a local ballot trafficking operation using undercover cameras, after observing these criminals operate in their community for 27 years. It was revealed to The Gateway Pundit that this evidence was delivered to Brnovich, who waited until December to file the first indictment against Alma Yadira Juarez, who later plead guilty and told police that Guillermina Fuentes handed her the prefilled ballots.

What's behind the worldwide drop in birth rates, nine months after the vaccination rollouts to younger people?

A number of commentators have recently posted articles on significant falls around the world in reported live births during the first months of 2022. "Jikkyleaks" posted Germany's figures. "Making Waves" posted Japan's.

Missouri farmer warned railway about crossing before Amtrak derailment

A Missouri farmer said he warned the railway that owns the crossing where an Amtrak train derailed Monday that the area was dangerous — and urged others to proceed over it with caution just weeks before the crash that killed three people and injured dozens more. Local farmer Mike Spencer said he was not surprised by the derailment near Mendon and argued that it could have been prevented because he claimed the railroad was aware that the "uncontrolled" crossing was unsafe. "That was pretty much a no-brainer," he told the Kansas City Star. "I predicted this was going to happen. I was certain that this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time." In his June 11 Facebook post about the railroad crossing, Spencer included a video showing a train approaching Porche Prairie Avenue at a high rate of speed.

Right-wing intelligence cabal seeks UK Home Secretary Priti Patel's help to 'neutralize' environmentalist enemies

Leaked emails expose Tory intelligence cabal scheming for Priti Patel's authorization of MI6-style "counter-intelligence" operation against UK environmentalists. The cabal has turned on Boris Johnson and believes Patel is set to replace him. On May 18th, The Grayzone exclusively revealed that a shadowy right-wing intelligence cabal was conducting a hostile "research and influence operation" targeting perceived Chinese agents of influence on British soil. The operation was directly inspired by MI6 "principles and methods," and involved UK Home Secretary Priti Patel more widely in the effort. Environmentalists and green lobbyists are now squarely in the cabal's crosshairs, as leaked emails obtained by The Grayzone reveal. Leaders of the campaign have sought to prepare detailed dossiers on targets, including information related to their sexual relationships, in order to identify "points of weakness which can be attacked" to achieve "maximum disruptive effect." Home Secretary Patel...

You're either with us or you're a 'systemic challenge'

Fast but not furious, the Global South is revving up. The key takeaway of the BRICS+ summit in Beijing, held in sharp contrast with the G7 in the Bavarian Alps, is that both West Asia's Iran and South America's Argentina officially applied for BRICS membership. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has highlighted how BRICS has "a very creative mechanism with broad aspects". Tehran - a close partner of both Beijing and Moscow - already had "a series of consultations" about the application: the Iranians are sure that will "add value" to the expanded BRICS. Talk about China, Russia and Iran being sooooo isolated. Well, after all we're deep into the metaverse spectrum, where things are the opposite of what they seem. Moscow's obstinacy in not following Washington's Plan A to start a pan-European war is rattling Atlanticist nerves to the core. So right after the G7 summit significantly held at a former Nazi sanatorium, enter NATO's, in full warmongering regalia. So welcome to an atrocity...

California DA, sheriff slam decision to free alleged fentanyl traffickers

A California district attorney and sheriff have slammed the decision to set free two alleged drug traffickers — less than 24 hours after they were nabbed with 150,000 fentanyl pills. Jose Zendejas, 25, and Benito Madrigal, 19, were freed on their own recognizance in Tulare County on Saturday after being booked on charges of possession, transportation and sales of illegal drugs. Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward and Sheriff Mike Boudreaux told Fox 26 News they weren't even informed of the duo's release until Monday. "How does this happen without the top two law enforcement officers of the county not even know it?" Ward said. The sheriff added, "That's incredibly frustrating for someone who's responsible for public safety." The men were released without bail after a public safety assessment was carried out, which uses an algorithm to examine criminal history and other factors to make a "risk prediction" on whether they'll reoffend or miss court dates.

DoorDash asks job applicant to state sexual orientation

DoorDash is attracting attention over a policy to ask prospective employees to state their sexual orientation on job applications to the food-delivery giant, according to social media posts. A screenshot of one such job application was posted to the online site Reddit, where it went viral. As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 5,700 Reddit users commented on the post. A Reddit user who goes by the handle u/TheMonsher authored a post titled "DoorDash is asking for my sexual orientation for a job application." The attached screenshot shows a drop-down menu with options for pronouns and sexual orientation. A DoorDash spokesperson told The Post that the company is seeking to "create a culture of belonging" by "working to ensure that diverse identities and perspectives are being valued and represented here." DoorDash began asking applicants to state their sexual orientation and gender pronoun preference in 2020, the spokesperson said.

German journalist in Donbass could face prison at home for 'endorsement' of Russia's military response in Ukraine

Alina Lipp, an independent German journalist and blogger is facing a criminal probe at home over her "endorsement" of Russia's "illegal aggressive war" against Ukraine. Lipp has told Russian media she only does what any journalist would do - document what is happening around her. If found guilty, she could face a fine or up to three years behind bars. On Saturday, RT DE interviewed Lipp about her professional work and the ongoing investigation.

Ukraine announces prisoner swap of 144 soldiers, some captured at Azovstal

Ukraine's Defense Ministry has announced a prisoner exchange involving 144 Ukrainian soldiers, including scores of defenders of the Azovstal steelworks in the southern port city of Mariupol. "This is the largest exchange since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. Of the 144 freed, 95 are Azovstal defenders. Among them, 43 servicemen of the Azov Regiment," the main intelligence directorate of the Defense Ministry said on June 29 on Telegram. Comment: The infamous neo-Nazi regiment: Greek in Mariupol on Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion: 'The fascists won't let us leave the city, they would kill me.' It did not specify when and where the swap took place or how many Russian prisoners were part of the exchange. The head of a Russia-backed separatist group in Ukraine's Donetsk region also reported a prisoner exchange with Kyiv, saying the number of fighters exchanged was 144 on each side.

NATO reaffirms that it 'does not consider Russia an adversary', designates China as a 'challenge to its interests'

NATO will reportedly retain the 1997 Founding Act between the military alliance and Russia, which says that the two "do not consider each other as adversaries." According to German media, Berlin and Paris argued against axing the accord. In a report on Tuesday, Die Welt claimed that a number of Eastern European NATO member states wanted the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation officially scrapped during the ongoing NATO summit in Madrid. The unnamed nations believe that Moscow ceased to abide by the accord in 2008, when its forces crossed into Georgia, the article reported. Germany and France, however, have insisted on retaining the "chimera of a valid agreement," as the journalists put it in their report.

Bulgaria's PM expels 70 Russian diplomats following no confidence vote over his anti-Russia policies

Being a big baby by expelling so many Russian diplomats after populists punished him for his anti-Russian policies that crushed their country's economy is nothing but a political provocation by the Bulgarian Prime Minister designed to feed into the US-led West's Mainstream Media narrative that attempts to blame the Kremlin for everything bad that happens nowadays. Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov just expelled a whopping 70 Russian diplomats around a week after losing a vote of no confidence in parliament. He earlier claimed that he was the victim of a conspiracy between corrupt and pro-Russian elements in his country, which he predicted will "soften" his country's stance towards the Ukrainian Conflict in the event that he can't assemble a new coalition government. While the primary catalyst for his coalition's collapse was officially disputes over the budget and neighboring Macedonia's EU membership process, the reality is that the populist forces made good on their promise...
À partir d’avant-hierEn Anglais

Surprise solar storm with 'disruptive potential' slams into Earth

Experts were initially unsure what caused the freak geomagnetic event. Scientists were recently left scratching their heads after a "potentially disruptive" solar storm smashed into Earth without warning. The surprise solar storm hit Earth just before midnight UTC June 25 and continued throughout most of June 26, according to Scientists classified it as a G1-class storm, which means it was strong enough to create weak power grid fluctuations, cause minor impacts to satellite operation, disrupt the navigational abilities of some migrating animals, and cause unusually strong auroras. The unexpected solar storm coincided with the peak of an extremely rare five-planet alignment, where Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn lined up in the sky in order of their proximity to the sun (which hasn't happened since 1864). Amateur astronomers in the northern hemisphere were able to capture images of the surprise auroras as they photobombed the neatly aligned planets....

Meteor fireball streaks across Santa Catarina sky at more than 50,000 km/h in Brazil on June 28

Meteor streaks the sky of SC at 19:16 pm last night. According to the data indicated by the initial analysis between the BRAMON stations located in Monte Castelo/SC and Florianópolis/SC, the phenomenon lasted about 4 seconds. It took place over the Santa Catarina municipalities of Curitibanos and Videira. It started to glow at an altitude of approximately 90 km and disappeared at 40 km altitude. The entry angle in relation to the ground was about 52º and the observed speed was 54,000 km/h (15 km/s). ( Translated by Google)

Court revives block of COVID vaccine mandate for federal workers

In a reversal for President Joe Biden, a federal appeals court in New Orleans on Monday agreed to reconsider its own April ruling that allowed the administration to require federal employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The new order from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans vacates an earlier ruling by a three-judge panel that upheld the mandate. The new order means a block on the mandate imposed in January by a Texas-based federal judge remains in effect, while the full court's 17 judges take up the appeal. Biden had issued an order Sept. 9 requiring that more than 3.5 million federal executive branch workers undergo vaccination, with no option to get regularly tested instead, unless they secured approved medical or religious exemptions.

US government to distribute monkeypox vaccines

The White House is set to hand out nearly 2 million monkeypox vaccines in the coming months, beginning with an initial phase of around 300,000 doses as part of a new national strategy against the potentially dangerous virus. The White House announced the strategy on Tuesday, noting that 56,000 vaccine doses would be allocated immediately, followed by 240,000 additional shots "over the coming weeks." Another 1.6 million doses will be made available later this year. "The vaccine strategy will help immediately address the spread of the virus by providing vaccines across the country to individuals at high risk," the White House said, adding that the first leg of the plan "aims to rapidly deploy vaccines in the most affected communities and mitigate the spread of the disease."

Austria - Deadly mudslides and floods in Carinthia after record rain

At least one person has died and another is missing after record rainfall in southern Austria caused mudslides and flooding. Storms and heavy rain hit overnight, 28 to 29 June 2022, affecting areas of the state of Carinthia (Kärnten) in the south of the country. Particularly badly affected were areas in the districts of Feldkirchen and Villach-Land. Arriach in Villach-Land record 135 mm of rain in 24 hours, the highest 24 hour total on record. The city of Villach recorded 118 mm of rain which is the highest 24 hour total for a summer month. Strong winds with record gusts of 128.5 km/h also caused severe damage.

Neutrality? Switzerland joins EU sanctions on Russia

Switzerland has officially put into effect the EU's sixth package of sanctions against Russia, including the partial oil embargo, TASS reported on Wednesday, citing the country's government, the Federal Council. "With the decision made on June 29, Switzerland puts into effect the new measures introduced by the EU on June 3, 2022," the Federal Council said in a statement, as cited by TASS. According to the Swiss ruling body, these sanctions "include an embargo on crude oil and certain petroleum products of Russian origin." "Similar to EU measures, the purchase, import, transit and transportation [of Russian oil products] to or within Switzerland is prohibited," the statement said. The authorities explained that the oil embargo will be introduced in Switzerland gradually and should be fully enforced by the beginning of 2023. Besides the oil embargo, Switzerland has prohibited the country's companies from providing auditing and consulting services to Russian enterprises, and has...

Kremlin: Russia's offensive to end as soon as Ukraine forces lay down weapons

The Kremlin says Russia will halt its months-long military offensive in neighboring Ukraine as soon as Ukrainian forces surrender. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday that hostilities in Ukraine could end "before the end of today" if Kiev orders the nationalists to lay down their weapons and Moscow's demands are met. "The Ukrainian side can end all this before the end of today; an order is necessary for the nationalist units to lay down their weapons, an order is necessary for the Ukrainian military to lay down their weapons; and they must fulfill all Russia's demands. Then everything will be over before the day ends. "Everything else are just speculations of the Ukrainian head of state. We are guided by the statements of our President Vladimir Putin that the special military operation is going according to plan and achieving its goals." Asked whether the Russian side had any approximate timeframe for the end of the offensive in Ukraine, the Kremlin spokesman...

Empire to expand NATO in response to war caused by NATO expansion

Turkey's President Erdogan has officially withdrawn Ankara's objection to the addition of Finland and Sweden to NATO membership, with the three countries signing a trilateral memorandum at a NATO summit in Madrid. The removal of Erdogan's objection was reportedly obtained via significant natsec concessions from the other two nations largely geared toward facilitating Turkey's ongoing conflict with regional Kurdish factions, and it removes the final obstacle to Finland and Sweden beginning the process of becoming NATO members. Finland's addition will more than double the size of NATO's direct border with Russia, a major national security concern for Moscow. Axios reports: "Sweden and Finland moved rapidly to apply to NATO in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, reversing decades of security policy and opening the door to the alliance's ninth expansion since 1949." So the western empire will be expanding NATO again in response to a war that was predominantly caused by NATO...

Biden's Sex Police

Joe Biden has fulfilled one of the first promises he made upon becoming president. His administration has just announced a comprehensive set of regulations — 701 pages worth — that will gut due-process rights for college students accused of sexual misconduct. Apparently, Biden learned nothing from going through his own sexual assault accusation crucible. During his vice presidency, Joe Biden was the Obama administration's point man for a major domestic initiative: ending sexual assault on campus. There is no question bad, sometimes criminal, sexual behavior occurs on campus. Eliminating it is a worthy, if elusive, goal. But the Obama-Biden mandate expanded the definition of sexual misconduct so broadly that jokes, flirting, or "any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature," could be punishable offenses. The Obama administration set out to change campus culture, and it did. But in doing so, it undermined women, demonized men, and diverted vast resources away from education. Under rules...

Biden & G-7 push world into "nightmare scenario"

The West's Malthusian neoliberal political order is rapidly collapsing. Led by U.S. President Joe Biden, the Group of Seven (G-7) economic powers today announced plans to ban the transport of Russian oil sold above a certain price with the goal of hurting Russia enough so that it ends its war against Ukraine. "There is only one way out: for Putin to accept that his plans in Ukraine will not succeed," said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The G-7's plan is to impose a price cap on Russian oil through the regulation of petroleum shipping, banking, and insurance. The proposal is, in a word, ludicrous. Russian President Vladimir Putin would never agree to a price cap. He would likely withhold oil from the market in the same way he has been withholding natural gas from Europe, driving up prices. Putin would then sell oil to countries including China and India at a 30-40% discount, as he has been doing, or larger. Russia produces oil at a price of just $3-$4 per barrel and Russian firms...

FLASHBACK: From the CIA Archives: The US was preparing an anti-Soviet operation in Ukraine back in 1957

The following is a foreword by Michail Michailov: I would like to say a few words about the spontaneity of Maidan. And not even about Pyatt or Nuland with cookies and American dirty money, which was taken from the Embassy to the headquarters of Maidan in bags. I want to probe into history in connection with the published CIA documents about the "national liberation" movement in Ukraine. It's an interesting fact that the CIA sponsored the Banderist movement, at the same time considering it as a terrorist one. However, this is nothing unusual. They are involved in this to this day, only now instead of Banderists there are all sorts of jihadists. Also, the map of spreading Banderist sentiment in Ukraine is supposedly from 1957. It is seen that Banderism affected less than a quarter of the territory of Ukraine in the West. And there is also a description of the moods. Crimea even was never considered Ukrainian, and about Donbass they said that it "feels itself to be an island of...

Russia warns West of consequences of arming Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned the West that continuing to supply Ukraine with advanced weaponry will only prolong the conflict in the east European country. Speaking at a press conference, on Tuesday, the veteran diplomat stated that the position of the West regarding Ukraine is "absolutely counterproductive and harmful". "'Pumping up' Ukraine with Western weapons will only lead Russia to perform more missions on the ground. The more weapons are pumped into Ukraine, the longer this conflict will last, the longer the agony of the Nazi regime, which is supported by Western capitals, will last." Lavrov's comments on accusations from Ukrainian and Western politicians related to a shopping mall in Kremenchug, which was allegedly hit by Russian forces on Monday.

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison

Judge Nathan has sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison. "A sentence of 240 months is sufficient and no graver than necessary." The sentence is less than the 30-50 years prosecutors asked for, but more than the 6 year sentence the defense thought was appropriate. While preparing to deliver the sentence, Judge Alison J Nathan said that "Ms Maxwell directly and repeatedly and over the course of many years participated in a horrific scheme" to traffic and abuse girls, and that "Ms Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable." As such, a "substantial sentence" is warranted, which - if not released early, means Maxwell will be 80-years-old when she gets out. And somehow not a single Epstein client was named... Nathan said on Tuesday that Ghislaine Maxwell's criminal activity was "extensive," and that she's enhancing her sentence due to the fact that she was at least 10 years older than her victims, and exercised "undue influence" on them. The...

Delta pilots to protest nationwide for improved pay, protections, and scheduling

Delta Air Lines pilots nationwide will picket for better pay, protections, and scheduling on Thursday. "Hundreds of off-duty pilots are scheduled to attend picketing events at the following airports: ATL, DTW, LAX, MSP, JFK, SEA, and SLC," a press release reads. Capt. Jason Ambrosi, chairman of the Delta Master Executive Council, a unit of the Air Line Pilots Association said: "Delta pilots were front-line leaders during COVID and the recovery. We helped our airline recover by flying record amounts of overtime and spending more time away from our families than ever before to get our customers safely to their destinations. It's time for management to recognize our contributions. If Delta can invest billions in foreign airlines and its subsidiaries, it must invest similarly in its pilots." The pilots are seeking to resume contract negotiations that were paused indefinitely during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Today is an important milestone for the Delta pilots. It's been...

Mexico claims US can't control its border

The president pointed to the lawlessness at the US border after dozens of migrants were found dead in Texas. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has warned that the US government is struggling to manage its southern border, blaming a "lack of control" after more than 50 immigrants died while being smuggled into the country, the deadliest human trafficking case in modern US history. Speaking during a Tuesday press briefing - one day after dozens of migrants were found dead inside a tractor trailer near San Antonio, Texas - Obrador said the deaths were a "tremendous tragedy," adding that such incidents occur due to poverty and desperation, as well as the chaotic environment along the border. "It happens because there is trafficking of people and a lack of control, in this case at the Mexican-US border, but also in the US interior," the president said.

Early human ancestors one million years older than thought

New research says fossils in cave at South Africa's Cradle of Humankind heritage site are between 3.4 and 3.7 million years old. The fossils of our earliest ancestors found in South Africa are a million years older than previously thought, meaning they walked the Earth around the same time as their East African relatives like the famous "Lucy," according to new research. The Sterkfontein caves at the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site southwest of Johannesburg have yielded more Australopithecus fossils than any other site in the world. Among them was "Mrs Ples," the most complete skull of an Australopithecus africanus found in South Africa in 1947. Based on previous measurements, Mrs Ples and other fossils found at a similar depth of the cave were estimated to be between 2.1 and 2.6 million years old. But "chronologically that didn't fit," said French scientist Laurent Bruxelles, one of the authors of a study published Monday in the PNAS science journal. "It was bizarre to see...

World's largest imperial power sponsors calls for Russia to 'decolonize' and the lack of self-awareness is palpable

On June 23, 2022, an organization funded by the US Congress, the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe - also known as the Helsinki Commission - held a virtual conference calling for the "decolonizing of Russia." This begs the question of why they are not seeking the decolonization of the United States. After all, the country was literally founded by the successors of white colonists who had crossed an ocean to violently seize the territory from its indigenous people. While the conference speakers, who can be listened to here, used the current crisis in Ukraine as a jumping off point, they demanded that the Russian Federation "decolonizes" from regions and republics which have been governed by Moscow since the 16th century (e.g. Siberia and Tatarstan) and others going back to the early 1800's (e.g. Chechnya). This is, of course, tantamount to calling upon the US to relinquish nearly all of its territory from the Atlantic to Pacific, not to mention more recent holdings...

BEST OF THE WEB: The unhinged reaction to US abortion ruling has gone too far

Since the US Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, the hysteria coming from the left has been in full force, with extreme reactions that have taken the pro-choice movement to pro-abortion cringe. Frustratingly, there is a lot of misunderstanding as well as downright ignorance about what the Supreme Court decision means in the first place. The court did not ban abortion, as so many Twitter keyboard warriors seem to think, and they have no authority to do so. They are not legislators. What the justices did was determine that the previous precedent for Roe was not constitutional, or rather, that the right to abortion is not explicitly granted by the Constitution - which it isn't (incidentally, our Constitution DOES grant the right to bear arms quite explicitly, yet many on the left want that to be ignored. Go figure). Now, if you want abortion legal in your state, voice your opinion to your elected representatives. Codify it into law at the state level. That's how 'We the People' are...

Get woke, go broke: Halifax is slammed for introducing pronouns to staff name badges despite backlash over 'nonsense' gender identity move

Halifax customers have threatened to close their accounts after the firm added pronouns to its staff name badges in a move that was branded 'nonsense'. The bank announced on Twitter yesterday that it was making the change, but said it would be optional for staff. Beneath a post that read 'pronouns matter' and the hashtag 'ItsAPeopleThing', it showed a photo of a female staff member's name badge which featured 'she/her/hers' in brackets. Some customers immediately said they wanted to close their accounts as they hit out at the move. One wrote: 'For a moment there, I was hoping this was a joke photo on a parody account, then I saw the verified tick now I'm thinking I should close my Halifax account and take my money elsewhere.' Another simply asked: 'How do I close my account?'

Why Russia doubts NATO's "good" intentions

Americans are fed routinely the fantasy that NATO is a defensive organization. Just a group of soldiers, sailors, Marines and air crews minding their own business until the Russians attack Europe. But you can see for yourself in the following videos that the annual SEA BREEZE exercise run by NATO and EUCOM (i.e., U.S. European Command) that the activities of the military units are not "defensive." NATO even admitted that it was providing training in "offensive" operations. Have you heard about Zhytomyr? Did you know that NATO carried out cybersecurity training for Ukraine at Zhytomyr in September 2018 and described Ukraine as a "NATO PARTNER." As part of the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme for Ukraine, experts from allied countries visited the Serhiy Korolylov Zhytomyr Military Institute (ZMI) from 24 to 28 September, 2018 to assist with the development of a new course on cybersecurity. Ukraine is one of the first NATO partners (together with Tunisia) to develop such a...

China probe Tianwen-1 reveals stunning images of the entirety of Mars

Tianwen-1 probe has circled the planet more than 1,300 times - and has looked in detail at a promising region China has revealed stunning images taken of the surface of Mars, using an unscrewed spacecraft. The Tianwen-1 probe has successfully taken imagery data covering the whole of the planet, including its south pole, state media reported. The south pole is of particular interest to scientists because the icy region could ply a key role in discovering whether the planet could be home to alien life.

"Bullsh*t": Claim Trump "lunged" for steering wheel on January 6 rubbished by Secret Service

Committee's credibility suffers another massive blow. The January 6 Committee's credibility has plummeted after claims by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson that President Trump "lunged" for the steering wheel of his vehicle and demanded to be taken to the site of the riots were contradicted by the lead Secret Service agent. Hutchinson testified that Tony Ornato, the then-White House deputy chief of staff, told her that Trump said something like, "I'm the f-ing president, take me up to the Capitol now," and had "reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel" before then using "his free hand to lunge towards Bobby Engel," the the presidential driver.

Cornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust after anonymous complaint

"Someone complained, and it was gone." That's all Cornell University biology Professor Randy Wayne said he has been able to determine so far about the whereabouts of a longtime display in the Ivy League school's Kroch Library of a bust of President Abraham Lincoln in front of a bronzed Gettysburg Address plaque. Wayne, a frequent visitor to the library, which houses Cornell's rare and manuscript collections, said when he stopped in several weeks ago he noticed the display had been disappeared. "It's been there since I can remember," he told The College Fix in an interview.

Loopy CNN guest says Trump 'was responsible for 9/11'

A CNN guest made an unfortunate gaffe on Monday while discussing former President Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol. Alice Stewart, a Republican Strategist, appeared on the network to discuss the public hearings of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee and blamed Donald Trump for the 9/11 terror attacks. "I think it has not been good for the former president," Stewart said. "I think we've made a case that he was responsible for 9/11."

A lemming leading the lemmings: Slavoj Zizek and the terminal collapse of the anti-war left

Have you noticed how every major foreign policy crisis since the U.S. and U.K.'s invasion of Iraq in 2003 has peeled off another layer of the left into joining the pro-NATO, pro-war camp? It is now hard to remember that many millions marched in the U.S. and Europe against the attack on Iraq. It sometimes feels like there is no one left who is not cheerleading the next wave of profits for the West's military-industrial complex (usually referred to as the "defense industry" by those very same profiteers). Washington learned a hard lesson from the unpopularity of its 2003 attack on Iraq aimed at controlling more of the Middle East's oil reserves. Ordinary people do not like seeing the public coffers ransacked or suffering years of austerity, simply to line the pockets of Blackwater, Halliburton, and Raytheon. And all the more so when such a war is sold to them on the basis of a huge deception. So since then, the U.S. has been repackaging its neocolonialism via proxy wars that are a...

Syria makes decision to recognize LPR, DPR

Syria has made a decision to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. "Based on the common will and desire to improve relations in all areas, the Syrian Arab Republic has made a decision to recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Lugansk People's Republic and the Donetsk People's Republic," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement cited by Syria's SANA agency. The report says that "contacts will be established with each of the two countries [LPR and DPR] to agree on a framework for strengthening relations, including the establishment of diplomatic relations in accordance with the existing norms." On June 16, Syria's President Bashar Assad said during a meeting with a DPR delegation that the procedure of recognizing the DPR had officially begun. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia would hail the recognition of the DPR and the LPR by Syria and any other country.

Catherine Austin Fitts: It's not a turndown, it's a takedown

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), contends this is what the so-called "reset" looks like. High food and fuel prices along with crushing interest rates are no accident. CAF explains, "To me, this is part of the 'going direct reset.' There is an official narrative, and the official narrative is they've got to stop inflation. . . . Let's look very simply at what happened. They voted on the direct reset. Then they injected $5 trillion into the economy that went to the insiders. Then they used Covid to shut down the economy run by the outsiders. Now, the outsiders want to open another business, and they are going to radically raise the cost of capital to the outsiders. What's going to happen is that $5 trillion is going to buy more assets more cheaply. To me, this is part of centralizing the control of the economy. They are asserting very significant central control. This is not a turndown-this is a...

Early human ancestors one million years older than earlier thought, contemporaneous with other early hominns

Fossils found at the Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa reveal nearly four million years of hominin and environmental evolution. Comment: Note that even mainstream science admits that 'most human origins theories are not compatible with known fossils'. Since research began at the site in 1936 with the discovery, by Robert Broom, of the first adult hominin of the genus Australopithecus, it has become famous for the hundreds of Australopithecus fossils yielded from excavations of ancient cave infills, including iconic specimens such as the cranium known as Mrs. Ples and the Little Foot skeleton. The majority of Sterkfontein's wealth of Australopithecus fossils has been excavated from an ancient cave infill called 'Member 4' - the richest deposit of Australopithecus fossils in the world. Over the last 56 years of Wits-led research at Sterkfontein, the age of Member 4 at Sterkfontein have remained contested, with age estimates ranging from as young as about 2 million years ago, younger...

Comet K2 enters the inner solar system, sudden drop in cosmic rays detected in 2021 during geomagnetic storm

For the past 3 million years, Comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) has been falling toward the sun--a long, slow journey from the Oort cloud. Finally, it's here. Austrian astrophotographer Michael Jaeger photographed "Comet K2" entering the inner solar system on June 25th: "This is a 22-minute exposure with my 16-inch telescope," says Jaeger. "The comet was about 9th magnitude." Comet K2 caused a sensation when it was discovered in 2017. At first, it appeared to be one of the biggest comets in modern history, with a nucleus as much as 160 km wide. Hubble Space Telescope observations have since downsized it to 18 km. That's still big (typical comet nuclei measure 1 to 3 km), but not a record setter. K2 is comparable in size to Halley's Comet. The comet will make its closest approach to Earth (1.8 AU away) on July 14th, brightening to 7th or 8th magnitude. This is too dim to see with the naked eye, but an easy target for backyard telescopes. A good time to look is now before the full Moon of...

Caught on cam: Lightning strikes boat carrying 7 people off Clearwater, Florida

Seven people had to be rescued off the coast of Florida this weekend after their boat was hit by lightning. Someone on the boat was recording a video the moment the lightning struck. They were out for a fishing tournament about 100 miles off the coast of Clearwater when it happened. Luckily, no one was hurt, and a Coast Guard helicopter was able to get everyone out of the boat. Source: CNN

Lightning strikes kill 16 in Uttar Pradesh, India

At least 16 people died in separate incidents of lightning in eastern UP districts on Tuesday. A portion of a temple near Ganga Dwar of Kashi Vishwanath Dham in Varanasi was also damaged in lightning strike. According to officials, three persons lost their lives due to lightning in Bairia, Dokati and Sikandarpur areas of Ballia district. In Mirzapur's Lalganj, two persons, including a teenager, died after being struck by lighting. In Mirzamurad locality of Varanasi, two teenagers died due to lightning on Tuesday evening. A shepherd lost his life in Bhadohi while two persons in Maharajganj, and one each in Siddharthnagar and Basti died due to lightning strike. Two persons also died in Badagaon area of Fatehpur while two others lost their lives in Sultanpur. A government spokesperson said that all efforts were being made to provide relief to the families of the victims.

16 killed in lightning strikes, thunderstorm in Bihar, India

Sixteen people were killed in lightning strikes and thunderstorms across Bihar on Tuesday, as per an official statement. Four people died in East Champaran district, three people each were killed in Bhojpur and Saran, two people each in West Champaran and Araraia, and one person each in Banka and Muzaffarpur, it said. Expressing grief over the deaths, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced an ex-gratia of Rs 4 lakh for the families of each victim. In the statement, he also appealed to the people to take precautions during inclement weather and follow the directions issued by the Disaster Management Department. "Stay at home and stay safe in bad weather," he said. On June 20, 17 people died in lightning strikes across the state. Source: PTI

GOP lawmaker warns that Biden's vaccine mandate is 'causing major damage' to Armed Forces

Rep. Mike Johnson warned that Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin's vaccine mandate is "causing major damage" to America's Armed Forces. With the deadline to comply fast approaching, Johnson has called attention to the consequences enforcement of the mandate might have.

Lightning kills six people across Nepal

Six people have lost their lives due to lightning across the country. Police said those deceased were from Kailali, Kanchanpur, Rupandehi and Nawalparasi (West). Puna Ram Chaudhari, 48 of Krishnapur Municipality-5, Kanchanpur was killed on Tuesday morning due to lightning in the course of planting paddy. Similarly, Suga Pankhi Devi Chaudhary, 56, a resident of Kailari Rural Municipality-1, Kailali, was struck by lighting and killed. She was injured during the paddy plantation nearby her house and breathed her last on the way to the Seti Provincial Hospital, Dhangadhi.

Biden officials privately doubt that Ukraine can win back all of its territory

White House officials are losing confidence that Ukraine will ever be able to take back all of the land it has lost to Russia over the past four months of war, US officials told CNN, even with the heavier and more sophisticated weaponry the US and its allies plan to send. Advisers to President Joe Biden have begun debating internally how and whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should shift his definition of a Ukrainian "victory" -- adjusting for the possibility that his country has shrunk irreversibly. Comment: Shift the definition of 'victory' to mean getting one's ass kicked? US officials emphasized to CNN that this more pessimistic assessment does not mean the US plans to pressure Ukraine into making any formal territorial concessions to Russia in order to end the war. There is also hope that Ukrainian forces will be able to take back significant chunks of territory in a likely counteroffensive later this year.

Abortions can continue in Texas after judge temporarily blocks pre-Roe ban

A Harris County judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked a pre-Roe abortion ban in Texas that was being enforced while the state's "trigger" law is yet to take effect. Abortion providers had sued state officials to stop the pre-Roe ban from taking effect, arguing it had previously been declared unconstitutional. With this temporary restraining order, abortions can continue in Texas up until the sixth week of pregnancy. Texas' trigger law is scheduled to take effect later this summer, after the Supreme Court's judgment is officially issued, which is a separate order typically released at least 25 days or longer after the court's opinion.

NATO reaches a deal with Turkey to admit Sweden and Finland, secretary-general says

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday that the world's most powerful military alliance reached a deal to admit Sweden and Finland after resolving the concerns of holdout Turkey. The three countries' foreign ministers signed a memorandum to confirm that Turkey will back Sweden and Finland's NATO bids during a summit in Madrid this week, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said in a statement. "Our joint memorandum underscores the commitment of Finland, Sweden and Turkey to extend their full support against threats to each other's security," the Finnish leader said.

How abortion became a divisive issue in US politics

Since the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion nationwide in 1973, the issue has become one of the defining fault lines in U.S. politics, with Democratic politicians firmly supporting abortion rights and Republican lawmakers lining up in opposition. In 1973 the lines were more blurred. Republican and Democratic voters were equally likely to say abortion should be legal, while it was easy to find Republican officials who supported abortion rights and Democrats who opposed the procedure. So what changed?

Frustrated NYC detectives leaving 'insane' NYPD, have 'had enough'

More than 100 NYPD detectives have retired in June — and another 75 plan to put their papers in next month — as many become frustrated by revolving door justice and rules that hamstring them in the Big Apple, officials and detectives told The Post. "That's going to have a major impact on investigating crimes," Detectives Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacomo said. "The detective squads are down now as we speak and are investigating more cases. It's going to have an impact on public safety." So far this year 250 detectives have retired, leaving the total number at about 5,600, which is nearly 2000 less than two decades ago.

NASA rover finds new potential evidence for ancient life on Mars

While examining eight-year-old data from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, scientists have made a tantalizing new discovery: the "total organic carbon," a key ingredient of life, is surprisingly high in the Martian rocks the rover was scanning. While the organic carbon may have originated from non-living sources, including meteorites and volcanoes, the discovery does lend modest new support to the theory that Mars may have been teeming with life billions of years ago, with an atmosphere allowing for the presence of rivers and entire oceans. Comment: Did Earth 'Steal' Martian Water? "Total organic carbon is one of several measurements [or indices] that help us understand how much material is available as feedstock for prebiotic chemistry and potentially biology," said Jennifer Stern of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and lead author of a new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in a statement. In fact, the carbon levels were comparable to some parts...

'A lot cheaper to get rid of them': Tucker Carlson says corporations are telling people they can't have children

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that corporations are telling their employees that they can no longer have children. The host said large corporations are paying for abortions because paying for maternity leave and other family oriented services are a financial burden to them. These companies and media networks want the American middle class to "reset" their "unrealistic expectations" of raising a family, Carlson said. "Now they're telling you that you cannot have the one thing that most people want more than anything else; the one thing that biological instinct drives all of us to want, and that's children," Carlson said. "The most reliable source of meaning and joy in human existence, a family, is now out of reach for the American middle class, and you should accept that is inevitable. In fact, you should embrace it." The host played a clip of MSNBC host Katy Tur suggesting that having a baby takes a toll on a woman's "body" and "livelihood."...

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in Epstein sex abuse case

Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite who was convicted late last year of helping financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls, was sentenced on Tuesday to 20 years in prison. "A sentence of 240 months is sufficient and no graver than necessary," U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan said while issuing the verdict. Nathan addressed those gathered inside the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan, including Maxwell and some of her victims. "Ms. Maxwell directly and repeatedly and over the course of many years participated in a horrific scheme," Nathan said. "Ms. Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable." The judge said that Maxwell, 60, played a "pivotal" role facilitating "heinous and predatory" abuse. Nathan also imposed a $750,000 fine, the maximum amount possible under the law. Outside the courthouse, Maxwell's lawyer told reporters she plans to appeal.

Guardian pushes for return of masks, mass testing and quarantine

Here we go again. It's the middle of summer and the leading opinion piece in the Guardian today calls for the return of restrictions in response to rising infections and hospitalisations. In a piece introduced by saying, "a few small changes would make a big difference to millions of vulnerable people", journalist Frances Ryan writes: If you're reading this in the U.K., odds are that by now you've had coronavirus: seven in 10 of us have watched the dreaded red line appear. You may have been stuck in bed with it twice or even three times by now; by April 2022, England alone had recorded almost 900,000 reinfections. When the public asked to "return to normal", I'm not sure a regular hacking cough was what they had in mind. Almost 900,000 reinfections? How will 1.6% of the population have coped with getting another cold? Ryan continues: It is an odd situation. Last week, Covid infections were reported to have soared by 43%, while hospitalisation from the virus rose by 23%. An...

Journalist branded enemy of state by Ukraine

The journalist got into hot water after penning an expose highlighting how Ukraine's now ousted human rights chief spread false rape claims. Ukrainian journalist Sonya Lukashova ended up on the notorious Mirotvorets ('Peacemaker') website after penning an article claiming that a vast majority of Russian military rape allegations produced by the country's now former human rights chief, Lyudmila Denisova, were false. Mirotvorets, widely believed to be run by Ukraine's Security Service (SBU), lists individuals deemed to be "enemies of Ukraine." The bombshell expose was published by the Ukrainskaya Pravda (Ukrainian Truth) newspaper on Monday. According to the piece, citing various official sources, a vast majority of allegations of "sexual atrocities," purportedly committed by Russian troops amid the ongoing conflict, were false. The allegations have been spread by human rights chief Denisova, who got ousted in late May after a no-confidence vote over her failure to organize...

29-year-old biological male takes first place in women's skateboarding competition against 13-year-old girl

On Saturday, a biological male beat out a field of female competitors, including the 13-year-old girl who placed second, to win a skateboarding competition in New York City. 29-year-old Ricci Tres placed first in The Boardr Open women's finals, taking home $500 in prize money. Second place finisher Shiloh Catori, 13, took home $250. Third place finisher, 16-year-old Jordan Pascal took home $150 in prize money, while the remaining three finishers took home $100 each. Four of the six competitors in the finals were under the age of 18, with the youngest competitor, fifth place finisher Juri Iikura, being just 10.

Macron refuses to designate Russia 'sponsor of terrorism'

French President Emmanuel Macron did not support the proposal of his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky to designate Russia a "sponsor of terrorism," explaining that Paris doesn't need any "definitions" to sanction Moscow or condemn its alleged "war crimes." On Monday, Zelensky claimed that "the Russian state had become the largest terrorist organization in the world." "And this must be a legal fact," the Ukrainian president wrote on Telegram. Commenting on Zelensky's statement during a press conference on Tuesday, Macron said that his country does not follow such "methodology" and has been consistent in its approach to Russian "war crimes." Referring to the alleged murder of civilians in the city of Bucha by Russian forces (something that Moscow vehemently denies), Macron stated that "these are war crimes." He stressed that Paris condemns them and supports investigations that will eventually bring those responsible for the atrocities to "Ukrainian and international justice."

West vows it won't sanction Russian food exports as global food insecurity reaches record high

The Group of Seven (G7) has promised to address global food security, announcing on Tuesday they its members don't intend to apply sanctions on Russian food and agricultural products. The G7 is a political forum consisting of leading Western economies, comprising Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. "We will continue to ensure that our sanctions packages are not targeting food and allow for the free flow of agricultural products, including from Russia, and the delivery of humanitarian assistance," the joint statement read. According to the G7, citing UN estimates, this year up to 323 million people globally will fall into acute food insecurity or are at high risk, which would mark a new record high. The group has pledged to lift 500 million people out of hunger and malnutrition by 2030.

Why nobody wants to join the US Army this year

The military is currently behind its recruiting goals for this year by 23%, a continuation of recruiting woes in which all branches of service seem to be throwing money at the challenge, but with the Army leading the way, unfortunately. The Department of Defense anticipates that a combined 150,000 service members from all branches will end their terms of service (ETS) each year. But in 2020 and 2021, that number was around 195,000, with 2022 appearing to follow the trend. Even Congress has expressed recruiting concerns for filling tomorrow's military ranks. As Army officials have remained quiet on recruiting numbers while, at the same time, increasing bonuses, social media posts have noted that the Army remains well behind its goals for active duty enlistment. This fact is reflected in the near-term expected force shrinkage, which is currently being blamed on a tight labor market. As it stands now, 2022 is looking to be a year of high ETS numbers that will be exacerbated by...

Elmo dies of myocarditis after receiving COVID vaccine

SESAME STREET - Reports have confirmed that beloved Sesame Street resident Elmo died unexpectedly this morning just a few hours after receiving the COVID vaccine. "Elmo not feeling so good," Elmo reportedly said just moments before collapsing. Officials concluded the cause of death to be "unknown" although medical examiners claim he died of massive heart failure due to Myocarditis - a disease almost never observed in 3-year-olds like Elmo.

Russia says mercenaries involved in murdering POWs have been 'eliminated'

A group of fighters from the Georgian Legion have been eliminated in the LPR, the Russian Defense Ministry has revealed Russian forces have eliminated a group of Georgian mercenaries, fighting on the Ukrainian side, who were allegedly involved in the abuse and murder of prisoners, the spokesman for the Defense Ministry in Moscow, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, said on Monday. According to Konashenkov, on June 26, three kilometers from the Lisichansk oil refinery in the Lugansk People's Republic, Russian units "destroyed two sabotage and reconnaissance groups of mercenaries with a total number of 14 militants."

Behind the tin curtain: BRICS+ vs NATO/G7

The west is nostalgically caught up with outdated 'containment' policies, this time against Global South integration. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the world is moving on, together. Once upon a time, there existed an Iron Curtain which divided the continent of Europe. Coined by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the term was in reference to the then-Soviet Union's efforts to create a physical and ideological boundary with the west. The latter, for its part, pursued a policy of containment against the spread and influence of communism. Fast forward to the contemporary era of techno-feudalism, and there now exists what should be called a Tin Curtain, fabricated by the fearful, clueless, collective west, via G7 and NATO: this time, to essentially contain the integration of the Global South. BRICS against G7 The most recent and significant example of this integration has been the coming out of BRICS+ at last week's online summit hosted by Beijing. This went far...

Big comet approaching Earth and getting brighter

For the past 3 million years, Comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) has been falling toward the sun, a long, slow journey from the outer solar system. Finally, it's here. Michael Jaeger photographed it on June 25th from Martinsberg, Austria: "This is a 22-minute exposure with my 16-inch telescope," says Jaeger. "The comet was about 9th magnitude."

Who's fault is that? Biden administration report shows massive fossil fuel industry job losses

A spokesperson for a petroleum association says the Biden administration has worked 'overtime on restricting American natural gas and oil production' The Biden administration published its annual U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) Tuesday, showing large fossil fuel industry job losses. The Department of Energy (DOE) report found that the fuels technology sector experienced job losses totaling 29,271 jobs in 2021, a 3.1% year-over-year decline, with the majority coming in the fossil fuel industry. Onshore and offshore petroleum companies shed 31,593 jobs, a 6.4% decline, the coal industry lost 7,125 jobs, down 11.8% year-over-year, and fossil fuel extraction jobs declined by 12%.

Judge Clarence Thomas wants to make it easier to sue media companies for libel

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signaled his willingness on Monday to undo a 1964 ruling that makes it difficult to sue media outlets for libel. The conservative justice, who was one of five votes to overturn the landmark abortion ruling Roe v. Wade on Friday, issued a dissenting opinion after the high court refused to hear a case brought by a Christian group that sued the Southern Poverty Law Center. Coral Ridge Ministries Media filed suit against the SPLC, a left-leaning watchdog, after it labeled the Christian organization a hate group.

Israel's government has collapsed again, what does this mean?

Israel is in for a fifth election in four years, and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu could score a comeback Israel's unlikely eight-party coalition government took the decision to dissolve itself, last Monday, ushering in the fifth round of elections in just four years. An election in which Israeli opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, eyes a comeback and highlights the domestic vulnerabilities of Tel Aviv that its enemies may seek to exploit. In June of 2021, an unprecedented Israeli coalition government was sworn in after a tenuous period of two years, during which four national elections had taken place. At the center of Israel's political mayhem has consistently been former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and one year later not much has seemed to have changed. Israeli PM Naftali Bennet, of the far-Right Yamina Party, decided to call it quits and dissolve his government, handing over his title to his coalition partner Yair Lapid, who will soon be sworn in as interim...

Zelensky sets deadline for end of Russia-Ukraine conflict - media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has insisted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine must be finished by the end of the year. Speaking to G7 leaders on Monday, Zelensky also called for tougher sanctions against Moscow, according to Reuters, which cited two EU diplomats. Speaking to the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the US via video link, Zelensky reportedly stated that Ukrainian troops would have a much harder time fighting against Russian forces once the harsh winter conditions take hold, urging the G7 to do their utmost to end the conflict by the end of the year, while asking for anti-aircraft defense systems, as well as security guarantees. Comment: How can Zelensky even ask that? It is his conflict to continue or end. Zelensky also pleaded for tougher sanctions on Russia, insisting it is necessary "not to lower the pressure" and continue imposing "heavy" punitive measures. Comment: Meanwhile sanctions are backfiring on the EU and...

U.S. blocks gold imports from Russia in latest round of sanctions targeting Putin's war

The Treasury Department on Tuesday announced that the U.S. and a handful of key economic allies will prohibit imports of Russian gold, Moscow's largest export outside of the energy sector. The expanded sanctions represent the latest effort by the U.S. and some of its Group of Seven partners to target Russian President Vladimir Putin and alienate the country's economy from international commerce and payments systems. The United Kingdom, Canada and Japan are joining in the effort. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has touted the multilateral approach to enforce economic penalties as crippling to Moscow and a severe punishment for Putin's monthslong invasion of Ukraine. Treasury also announced Tuesday that its penalties now target an additional 70 Russian companies and other entities critical to the country's defense industrial and manufacturing base. Yellen said, in a press release: "Broad multilateral commitments and actions by G7 members this week further cut off the Russian...

Report: DNC reschedules fundraiser with Kamala Harris for lack of ticket sales

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) reportedly had to reschedule its Woman's Leadership Forum fundraiser on May 25 and 26 with Vice President Kamala Harris for lack of ticket sales. Status Coup News reported: "The event was rescheduled last minute for the autumn, when the event is traditionally held, after the event couldn't sell enough tickets. When the invites were sent out on May 5, it was hyped as an incredible opportunity to mingle in person after two years of virtual events and meetings." Ticket prices range from $250 to $50,000, according to the report. DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel is on record claiming Kamala Harris is a huge draw for events but did not give a reason why the event was rescheduled.

Germany could nationalize its section of Nord Stream 2 - Der Spiegel

The German Ministry of Finance is studying the possibility of nationalizing sections of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that run through the country, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Friday, citing sources. The newly built Russian infrastructure has never operated because Germany stopped its certification prior to the conflict in Ukraine. According to the publication, the federal government is looking into whether the part of the system that is located on German soil could be cut off from the rest of the pipeline. The tubes leading from land to sea could then be connected to a mobile LNG terminal, it said. The news about the possible expropriation comes amid growing concerns in Germany over Russian gas supply. Last week, shipments to Europe by Russia's Gazprom via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline fell to about 40% of capacity because of parts shortages caused by sanctions on Moscow. The Kremlin called the reports about the possibility of Nord Stream 2 being expropriated hypothetical....

Extreme heatwave breaks Tokyo City record of nearly 150 years

The Japanese government has urged people not to turn off air conditioners as Tokyo experiences the worst June heatwave since records began. Newspaper Asahi Shimbun cited fire officials as saying that 80 people, aged 12 to 96, were hospitalized for suspected heat-related illnesses in Tokyo on Monday. Reports said that 76 more people were hospitalized on Tuesday. Temperatures in the city reached 35.1 Celsius (95.18 Fahrenheit) by 1pm local time on Tuesday. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the heatwave will remain, with temperatures expected to peak in Tokyo at 36 Celsius (96.8 Fahrenheit) on Wednesday and Thursday.

Two countries apply to join BRICS

The Islamic Republic of Iran has officially submitted its application to join the group of five emerging economies made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the foreign ministry in Tehran announced on Monday. The move comes after the Iranian president addressed the BRICS summit last week. While BRICS is not a treaty bloc, it has a "very creative mechanism with broad aspects," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday, according to the Tasnim news agency. He added that Tehran has already had "a series of consultations" with BRICS about the application. Iran's membership would "add value" for everyone involved, said Khatibzadeh, noting that BRICS members account for up to 30% of the world's GDP and 40% of the global population. On Friday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addressed the BRICS virtual summit hosted by China, and expressed Tehran's readiness to share its capabilities and potentials with the group. Argentina has also applied to...

Criminal lawyers in UK stage walkout in dispute over govt. funding amid soaring cost of living

British lawyers involved in criminal trials have staged a walkout to demand higher wages, as the country is bracing for more union strikes amid a soaring cost of living crisis which has seen inflation hit 9.1 percent -- a 40-year high. The Criminal Bar Association (CBA) said on Monday that barristers voted for action earlier this month, with more than 80% of its 2,055 members backing walkouts. The lawyers who act in criminal court cases say real earnings have collapsed, dropping 28% since 2006, with junior barristers earning a median income of only 12,200 pounds ($15,030) in their first three years, forcing many to give up their career. They are calling for a 15-percent increase to the pay they receive when carrying out so-called legal aid work which is funded by the state. The walkouts will be held on five days over the next four weeks, and senior criminal lawyers will refuse to accept new cases or cover for colleagues as part of the action. The lawyers said the strikes were...

Fmr. Senate Sgt-At-Arms Michael Stenger dies ahead of last-minute J6 hearing

Michael Stenger, the former US Senate sergeant-at-arms in charge of security during the January 6, 2021 US Capitol breach, died on Monday at the age of 71. The cause and circumstances of his death were not immediately clear. A resident of Falls Church, VA, Stenger resigned the day after the J6 riot at the request of then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had originally hired Stenger for the post in 2018. Stenger was responsible for security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, and serves as the Senate doorkeeper. In remarks (pdf) before a congressional hearing on Feb. 23, 2021, Stenger called the events of Jan. 6 "a violent, coordinated attack where the loss of life could have been much worse." He called for an investigation of "professional agitators" at the January 6 protests. "There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6th," he testified. "Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional...

Mental health workers demand Israel release prisoner Ahmad Manasra

Worldwide clamor to immediately release the 20-year-old Palestinian youth Ahmad Manasra from Israeli prison has gathered momentum through an international campaign initiated by the Palestine-Global Mental Health Network (PGMHN) in conjunction with international solidarity groups, the UK-Palestine Mental Health Network, the USA-Palestine Mental Health Network, the France-Palestine Mental Health Network, the Ireland-Palestine Mental Health Network, and the South Africa-Palestine Mental Health Network. An online public petition demanding his release has now gathered over 405,000 signatures. Imprisoning a child Ahmad Manasra at the age of 13 was involved in an episode of significant violence. Videos taken at the scene show the injured child lying on the ground with a bleeding head wound and document subsequent mistreatment by Israeli authorities. Following brain surgery for subdural hematoma suffered on that occasion, Ahmad was interrogated in handcuffs while lying in his hospital bed....

Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter's dealings with 'spy chief of China'

Joe Biden called his son Hunter in late 2018 to discuss a New York Times article detailing the younger Biden's dealings with a Chinese oil tycoon accused of economic crimes — telling him, "I think you're clear," according to a report Monday. The voicemail, discovered on a cellphone backup contained on Hunter Biden's infamous discarded laptop, would appear to contradict President Biden's continued denial that he ever talked with his disgraced 52-year-old son about his overseas business transactions — and was aware they could be improper. "Hey pal, it's Dad," Joe Biden said, the Daily Mail reported. "It's 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance, just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you." Biden then made his intentions clear.

Mystery surrounds craters caused by Moon crash

Nasa scientists are baffled by a mystery spacecraft that crashed into the Moon creating two large craters. Despite being tracked since 2015, no one has claimed the rocket. It was travelling at 5.3km a second when it met the lunar surface on March 4, but new images by Nasa's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show that the impact was unlike anything seen before. "Surprisingly, the crater is actually two craters, an eastern one (18m diameter) superimposed on a western one (16m diameter)," the agency said.

Charity groups call for Prince Charles to be investigated over 'cash in bags' controversy

Prince Charles faced fresh controversy over the funding of his charities on Sunday, with calls for the government and the Charity Commission to investigate claims he accepted €3m in cash from a billionaire Qatari sheikh. Claims in the Sunday Times that Charles accepted three donations between 2011 and 2015 from former Qatari prime minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani - known as "HBJ" - were described as "shocking" by critics. One donation, totalling €1m, was reportedly handed over in a small suitcase and another was stuffed in a carrier bag from upmarket department store Fortnum & Mason.

Irish nurse reveals what really went on in hospitals during the pandemic

On June 9th I received an email from an Irish Nurse who wanted to tell her story. Her name is Eleanor McGee. I responded saying I would be only too happy to help. What you are about to read is a warts and all account of the coercion and pressure Irish nurses were put under for the last 2 years. Nothing has been edited out from the email that Eleanor sent to me. These are Eleanor's words in their entirety, this is her story... START When Covid commenced particularly around March 2020, I was incredibly concerned in general like the rest of the population. I was one of the first to think about closing our borders and stop international travel. We allowed, Cheltenham etc to go ahead. Slowly but surely, the news was consuming so many peoples lives. The first lockdown came and went. I didn't see any benefit to it. It was causing so much social isolation. Our elderly and our children were especially affected. Schools were closing, children working via pc at home, missing their friends,...

SOTT FOCUS: The Rise & Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Comment: Not only a thorough update on the Big changes we're going to see in much of the world's monetary system in the not-too-distant-future, but also one of the most comprehensive discussions about the implications of CBDC's we've yet seen... When asked if a United States CBDC would be used to control how, when and where the population spends their money, a senior vice president for the St. Louis Fed's Research Division responded, "in life, one can't give absolute assurance of anything...The best we can hope for, is for Congress to respond to the electorate's concerns about privacy." However, signals by the Biden regime and the Federal Reserve indicate they intend to move forward on a CBDC, regardless of any approval from Congress, industry leaders or the public. In fact, there are a growing number of research and pilot programs in various phases of development in America and around the world, despite public concerns of an impending digital currency enslavement system tied to a...

The gas inflation crisis is far from over - where will prices finally stop?

After a single Federal Reserve rate hike of 75bps I am noticing a trend among mainstream economists whipping out their crystal balls and predicting an almost immediate reversion to deflationary conditions. In their view, a recession will "balance everything out." For most of these people I would suggest that they keep their crystal balls in their pants; they have been consistently wrong and it's time for them to shut up. If you were predicting that inflation would be "transitory" last year, then you have no right to act like you are an economist today. It's going to take a lot more than one semi-aggressive rate hike from the central bank to stop the inflation problem, and when I say "inflation" I am talking about PRICE INFLATION, not the mere increase of the money supply or a bubble in stock markets. There are far too many financial analysts out there that don't even grasp what true inflation really entails. There are certain sectors of the economy that will indeed see deflationary...

Netherlands farmers blockade motorways again in protest against plans to reduce agricultural sector over green targets - amid global food crisis

New farmers' protests brought traffic to a standstill on several motorways around the country on Monday, despite police warnings not to break the law. Around 15 tractors blocked the A2 at Best, in the direction of Den Bosch, by laying hay bales across the carriageway. Similar blockades were set up on the A67 at Liessel, between Eindhoven and Venlo, and on the A28 between Hoogeveen and Assen. Tractors also blocked an access road to the N35 at Ommen, Overijssel. The ANWB said queues of up to 8km had built up at the protest locations. Protest organisers including Agractie and Farmers Defence Force (FDF) warned motorists to expect disruption on the roads from noon, but denied that they were co-ordinating the action.

BEST OF THE WEB: National Security State Censoring of Anti-Imperialist Voices

The US rulers use many tools to disrupt and disorganize the anti-war and anti-imperialist left. Three discussed here include: (1) corporate control of the news media gives them free reign to spread disinformation and fake news against foreign and domestic targets; (2) they use government and corporate foundation resources to fund and promote a compatible left to counter the anti-imperialist left; and (3) the rulers use their control of social media and internet to censor those voices. Since 2016 their censorship of websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, and Paypal accounts has escalated alarmingly. They target those who counter the narratives the government and big business media feed us, whether it be US intervention and attempted overthrow of other governments, Covid, or stories of Russian interference. With the Ukraine war, the US government and corporate media immense propaganda power has been directed against Russia and intensified on an overwhelming scale. As the US empire began...

Meteor fireball over England on June 26

We received 109 reports about a fireball seen over England on Sunday, June 26th 2022 around 23:34 UT. For this event, we received one video and 2 photos.

Colombian National Park receives 1st snowfall in over 60 years

It's been a wild, wet month for weather all around. Hail resembling snow in Mexico City. Historic flooding in Yellowstone. Two feet of new snow in Montana. The snowiest start to ski season in New Zealand that anyone can remember. And now this. Colombian National Park Sumapaz got snow last week—the first in over 60 years, according to The City Paper. Sumapaz is a remote location approximately 90 miles south of the Colombian capital city of Bogota and is a vital water source for upwards of 8 million people.

Huge Arctic walrus spotted on local beach in first ever Polish sighting

A walrus has been spotted on the beach on Poland's northern coast, the first ever such sighting of the Arctic mammal in the Baltic Sea. The 2-metre-long mammal appeared on Thursday morning on the beach in Łazy, close to the seaside resort of Mielno. Local specialists said it was a young female, weighing around 500 kilograms. The same walrus was probably seen on the shore of the German island of Rügen a week earlier.

Elderly man killed in suspected bear attack in Kashmir

A 60-year-old man was killed in a suspected black bear attack in his native village Ahalan Gadool of Kokernag in Anantnag district, officials said on Monday. Quoting officials news agency GNS reported that the body of one Mohammad Akber Chouhan, son of M Hussain was found in a nearby forest area. "It is believed that the victim had been on way to his farm, when the bear attacked him and subsequently disappeared in the nearby forests", they said adding the injury marks on victim's body also suggest of a possible bear attack. "The body was shifted to SDH Kokernag for medico-legal formalities following which it would be handed over to the family for last rites", they further said. Meanwhile a police official has also confirmed the incident.

G-7 leaders end summit pledging to hurt Russia economically

Leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies struck a united stance Tuesday to support Ukraine for "as long as necessary" as Russia's invasion grinds on, and said they would explore far-reaching steps to cap Kremlin income from oil sales that are financing the war. Comment: Since the bodies that are being 'ground' are Ukrainian citizens (with a smattering of Western intelligence, as well as foreign fighters and terrorists), apparently the West's leaders and its citizens are less concerned as to how long their failing war will drag on. The final statement from the Group of Seven summit in Germany left out key details on how the fossil fuel price caps would work in practice, setting up more discussion in the weeks ahead to "explore" measures to bar import of Russian oil above a certain level. That would hit a key Russian source of income and, in theory, relieve the energy price spikes afflicting the global economy as a result of the war. Comment: So they're still buying Russian...

SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health: What is a Woman? Documentary Review

Wikipedia says "A woman is an adult female human." So if even a propaganda outfit like them can get it right, why is it that Matt Walsh, in his new documentary 'What is a Woman?' have such trouble getting a straight answer out of people? On today's episode of Objective:Health, we do an in-depth review of the documentary and talk about many of the contentious issues brought up in the film. At the center of the film is a look into the twisted ideology of transgenderism which is currently infecting the US and beyond. We look into the ideological brainwashing of children, who are being lead to make decisions about life-altering surgeries and hormone treatments, women and girls being forced to compete against biological men in athletics and the invasion of biological men into women-only spaces. We even go into the history of this ideology and the personality-disordered individuals who we can thank for it. Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we take a deep dive into the...

NATO to put 300,000 troops on high alert, will increase presence in Baltic countries along Russia's border by thousands

Nato's secretary general has said this week's Madrid summit will agree the alliance's most significant transformation for a generation, putting 300,000 troops at high readiness in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Jens Stoltenberg said the military alliance's forces in the Baltic states and five other frontline countries would be increased "up to brigade levels" - doubled or trebled to between 3,000 and 5,000 troops. That would amount to "the biggest overhaul of our collective defence and deterrence since the cold war," Stoltenberg said before the meeting of the 30-country alliance, which runs from Tuesday to Thursday this week.

American Idiot: Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong quits America over SCOTUS abortion ruling

Comment: Maybe the most amusing thing about this story is that Billie Joe Armstrong lives in California, where abortion is still legal. Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong announced that he planned to renounce his American citizenship during a Friday evening concert in London, saying that he wasn't kidding and that he intended to move to the United Kingdom instead. Armstrong, who has never been shy about expressing his political opinions, was responding to the Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which overturned landmark abortion decisions in both Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. "F*** America, I'm f****** renouncing my citizenship," lead vocalist and guitarist for Green Day @billiejoe said, as he called the US a 'miserable f****** excuse for a country.' Hey Billie Joe — this is the country that made your career," @jules31415 tweeted, sharing video of Armstrong's comments.

Death rates from Covid are lower than ever before despite recent surge in cases, analysis reveals

Death rates from Covid are lower than ever, according to analysis carried out for The Mail on Sunday. Experts say there is little need to fear a recent surge in cases as fewer than one in 3,000 infected people now dies from coronavirus - with the rate even lower for the vaccinated. The analysis of official data by Oxford University shows the 'infection fatality rate' has dropped about 30-fold since the pandemic began due to a combination of vaccine protection and naturally acquired infection.

At least 46 people found dead in abandoned 18-wheeler in San Antonio

The authorities said the tragedy appeared to be the deadliest migrant-smuggling operation in memory. Twelve people were taken to hospitals. A tractor-trailer found near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio contained the bodies of 46 dead people, along with 16 others who have been taken to hospitals, local officials in San Antonio said on Monday evening. "This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy," San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said at a news conference near the scene.

Treasury makes 77% return on stake in 'adult parties' firm

Government owns 1.5% of Killing Kittens after Covid rescue loan. The Treasury has become the partial owner of an upmarket swingers' club founded by one of the Duchess of Cambridge's friends after it took out a Covid rescue loan. Taxpayers now own a 1.5% stake in Killing Kittens, a company which organises "adult parties" focused on female pleasure, following a fundraising which valued it at £15m.

Most rape claims by ousted Ukrainian ombudsman fake - media

Reporters investigated statements blaming Russian soldiers for 'sexual atrocities' and found little to no evidence. Ukrainian prosecutors have apparently been unable to confirm the vast majority of allegations about "sexual atrocities" allegedly committed by Russian soldiers, claimed by ousted human rights chief Liudmila Denisova. That's according to a Ukrainskaya Pravda report published on Monday, citing various official sources. Denisova, who had served as Ukraine's ombudsman since 2018, was fired from her position in late May after a no-confidence vote over her failure to perform such duties as organizing humanitarian corridors and prisoner exchanges amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

CDC Caught Using False Data To Recommend Kids' COVID Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showcased highly misleading data about the risk of COVID-19 to kids when its expert vaccine advisers voted to recommend vaccines for children under five years old. The agency featured a pre-print study ranking causes of death in children when it presented data to its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) earlier this month, after which the committee voted to recommend kids aged six months through four years get vaccinated for COVID-19. The study claimed to show that COVID-19 was a leading cause of death for children in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, but observers quickly pointed out major flaws in the data which rendered it misleading. The paper ranks COVID-19 as a top six cause of death for age brackets from 0-19, including under one year old, 1-4 years old, 5-9 years old, 10-14 years old and 15-19 years old. It's unclear why the authors include 18- and 19-year-olds in pediatric data. A majority...

Toxic gas tank explodes at Jordan port killing 12, injuring 250

The Jordanian army announced Monday the closing of the area where a toxic gas leak from a storage tank in Jordan's Aqaba port killed 10 people and injured more than 250. The official spokesperson for the Jordanian Armed Forces said in a statement that four medical evacuation planes were moved from Marka Military Airport towards Aqaba to evacuate the injured, and a team was sent to carry out disinfection procedures at the accident site. The statement confirmed that Prince Hashem Hospital and the field hospital in Aqaba were prepared to receive the injured, adding that medical teams from the Royal Medical Services and equipped medical teams with ambulances were sent to Aqaba Airport and Marka Airport to transport the injured.

Biden top aide interrupts as Macron spills bad news about oil crisis

President Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Monday stepped in to interrupt French President Emmanuel Macron as he broke bad news to Biden — with journalists feet away — about attempts to get Arab nations to produce more oil to lower record gas prices. "Careful. Maybe we should just step inside ... because of the cameras," Sullivan said, motioning to journalists covering the G-7 summit in Germany. It's unclear if Sullivan was concerned about any particular nugget of news leaking to journalists, but some of Macron's words were clearly audible.

Dallas Fed plunges as poll respondents unleash unprecedented slamdown of "disastrous" Biden admin policies

After an unexpected rise in US durable goods orders (in May) and pending home sales (in May), the Dallas Fed's Manufacturing Survey (in June) plunged to its lowest since May 2020. The survey was expected to rise modestly from -7.3 to -6.5, but plunged to -17.7. New Orders crashed into negative territory and employment weakened significantly. The comments from survey respondents are perhaps most enlightening of the reality facing many businesses in America: foreign dependence, cost inflation, over-regulation, and Biden energy policies...

DHS issues report: Effectively, "Patrick Byrne was right again. Again."

Well, not really. The title of the actual DHS report is rather prosaic: ICS Advisory (ICSA-22-154-01) It was issued on June 3, 2022, and it acknowledges that Dominion systems have nine major security "vulnerabilities" that make them inappropriate for use without remedy. To the nine vulnerabilities, DHS-CISA respectively attaches these nine warnings: "An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to install malicious code, which could also be spread to other vulnerable ImageCast X devices via removable media." "An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to disguise malicious applications on a device." "...which could be leveraged by an attacker to gain elevated privileges on a device and/or install malicious code." "An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to escalate privileges on a device and/or install malicious code." "An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to spread malicious code to ImageCast X devices from the EMS." "An attacker could leverage this...

Tornado hits Zierikzee, the Netherlands: One dead, several wounded

A tornado left a trail of destruction in and around the Dutch city of Zierikzee this afternoon. According to the Zeeland Safety Region nine people were injured and one person died. The tornado tore roof tiles from a church, damaged trampolines and uprooted trees. At least four homes had their roof blown off and a facade of at least one home collapsed. Ten to twenty houses became temporarily uninhabitable.

Britain's earliest humans made Canterbury home, 600,000-year-old finds reveal

Archaeological discoveries made on the outskirts of Canterbury, Kent (England) confirm the presence of early humans in southern Britain between 560,000 and 620,000 years ago, making it one of the earliest known Paleolithic sites in northern Europe. The breakthrough, involving controlled excavations and radiometric dating, comes a century after stone tool artifacts were first uncovered at the site. The research, led by archaeologists at the University of Cambridge, confirms that Homo heidelbergensis, an ancestor of Neanderthals, occupied southern Britain in this period (when it was still attached to Europe) and gives tantalizing evidence hinting at some of the earliest animal hide processing in European prehistory. Located in an ancient riverbed, the Canterbury site was originally discovered in the 1920s when local laborers unearthed artifacts known as handaxes (most now in the British Museum), but by applying modern dating techniques to new excavations their age has finally been...

The New York Times inadvertently revealed the qualitative scale of Kiev's losses

Up until this point, it was smeared as so-called "Russian propaganda" to claim that the Ukrainian Conflict has culled Kiev's best fighters but now it's officially confirmed by the NYT. The New York Times (NYT) meant to trumpet the coalition of 20 countries whose "stealthy network of commandos and spies [is] rushing to provide weapons, intelligence and training" to Kiev in their latest piece about this but inadvertently also ended up revealing the qualitative scale of that US proxy's losses. It's already been disclosed that Kiev's experiencing up to 1,000 casualties a day, has already lost between 30-50% of its total military equipment according to its own officials, is out massively outgunned per the Associated Press' latest admission, but only now has it been confirmed that it's "losing a lot of experienced people" in the words of an unnamed former Trump Administration official. Up until this point, it was smeared as so-called "Russian propaganda" to claim that the Ukrainian...